You Don’t Drift To Success

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One of my old coach’s favourite sayings was “You don’t drift to success”. 

What he meant was; you don’t accidentally end up in exactly the right place for you. You don’t look around one day and go “This is perfect. This is EVERYTHING I wanted and more. And to think that I just randomly ended up here, what a coincidence!” 

No, as another “coach” of mine, the indomitable Oprah Winfrey, prescribes: success is achieved through first getting clear on what that looks like for you. You need a destination, and a map outlining the road there, before you start hiking, so to speak. 

And when it comes to career success, I am still often surprised by the lack of thought women put into this final destination.  

They work very hard IN their careers. They hamster-wheel and hamster-wheel. They do and they deliver and then do more and deliver more. So I am not saying they aren’t working hard – they very much are. 

What they do much less of, is working ON their career. 

Defining, first of all, that destination and then outlining the journey to get there. Lacking this forethought means – as a minimum – that the journey will take much longer than necessary. More likely, they won’t achieve everything they could if only they had done that planning properly. 

Which, given that we all just given this one, short life, seems like a massive shame… 

This is why, in the WIN Way program, we focus heavily on first defining what success looks like for you. What is it that YOU really want to achieve in your career and life? Once that is clear, we identify the steps to get there, so we have an intelligent plan of action. And then we execute on that plan, of course.

And again: it all starts with clarity on the destination.

If you’ve been drifting in your career so far, or if you have lost sight of the destination, do get in touch to see how we can support you in getting total clarity on your end goal, and supporting you the entire journey until you reach it! 



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