You Didn’t Get Promoted? I Know Why.

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Your work is awesome.

Your reputation is awesome.

YOU are awesome – and everyone totally knows it.

But, despite all your creativity, consistency, and all-round kick-assery, you’re just not getting promoted at work.

Sure, your company has opportunities to ‘move up’, but you’re not getting any of them, are you?

Now, maybe when that last promotion opportunity came up, the company was looking for an outside hire. You were a bit irked, because, you know, LOYALTY and STAFF DEVELOPMENT, but that ship has sailed. But then, there was the time when they wanted to promote someone from within… and they gave the position to Bob. The same Bob who, for so many reasons, everyone knows isn’t as good as you, but is now somehow your line manager. 

You’ve been left out, left behind, and left feeling really fucking frustrated.

I know exactly what’s going on here, and so what kind of coach would I be if I didn’t help you, so… here is a list of some of the reasons why you still haven’t been promoted; compiled from hundreds of conversations I’ve had with frustrated career women during my time since setting up Women In Negotiation

  1. Your boss doesn’t know you’re interested

Okay, lady – it might well be that your boss doesn’t know their ass from their elbow and walks round in a daze half the day, but part of your problem might be on YOU, too. You may have assumed that your boss knew you were ready to step up and take the role, and of course all your reports and results showcase this perfectly, but did you actually ever tell them that this was what you wanted? Go find your boss right now. Tell them that the next promotion that’s up for grabs – you want in.

  1. Your boss isn’t the decision maker

Refer to point 1. You have to make sure that whoever’s doing the hiring and holding all the cards for decision making is aware of who you are, what you do, and what you want. They might not yet know about your very existence – nevermind how epic you are at what you do (and your total perfection for the position on offer). You can bet your life they know who Bob is, though… Bob’s crap at his job, but he’s good at getting on the radar.

  1. Your boss doesn’t want you to move

Let’s go ahead and push this all back on your boss. They knew full well you’d want a promotion, but they’re just not willing to let you go. You could kid yourself that they want to keep you because you’re so amazing (which you are), but there’s more to it than that. The reason your boss isn’t letting you go is because he or she is being selfish and short-sighted, no matter how much ‘love’ they dress it up in. In keeping you, they’re holding you back, and they’re prioritising their own needs before yours. You have basically dug your own grave by being so great – oh, the irony!

Now, any or all of these may apply to your situation, and they all lead to the same incredibly frustrating outcome – namely that you don’t get the recognition you deserve and the opportunity to do the work you’re meant to be doing. 

The solution, my darling, does not lie in working harder (which you probably can’t even physically do anyway because you’re already a total overachiever). The solution, it seems, is in working smarter, which very much includes talking openly about the work you do and the work you want to do – and doing all of this in front of the people whose ears should be hearing it.

If reading that just now made you shudder at the mere thought, I’ve got you. As women, we don’t naturally do these things, probably for fear of being burned at the stake or mounted on some kind of ducking stool as a result of having showcased our ‘magic’. But you’re stuck on the stool, so I’m going to help you fly straight to a place of higher stakes. One that you’re not going to be burned at. 

WINners (Women In Negotiation clients) are hardworking, talented, and ridiculously clever and committed career women just like you, and as part of my coaching programme, they CONSISTENTLY get the promotions and salary raises they want and deserve. The average WIN raise on last count was 49.1%, but those women apply to work with me not only to earn that kind of money. They do it so that they can overcome the massive hurdle they face in life which stops them from talking about their successes. I teach them to do this The WIN Way – with confidence and authenticity – so head over to my [website] if you want to know more about how that works. 

If you want the same as my WINs, and need someone to hold your hand throughout the entire process as you get to a place at the table, hit me up. We’ll have a call – at no cost to you – and if I think I can work with you to help you get that next promotion, that’s exactly what we’re gonna do.

Book a call with my team for a free coaching session and let’s see what we can do for you!