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As girls, we are taught to be compliant, to colour inside the lines, and to think about others first. This often leads to us feeling we are not deserving ourselves, that we aren’t good enough and that we cannot ask for the things we want, need and deserve. 

For example, research shows that women expect to be paid less for the same work as men do, even when their confidence in their ability to succeed in the role is the same. We just expect to be rewarded less… Other studies show that our sense of control of our destiny (or our “sense of agency”, as it’s called in academia) is, on average, lower than it is for men.

And that low sense of control may well result in us ending up in positions we don’t enjoy, doing things we’re not made for, working with people that don’t bring out the best in us. We end up stuck in dead-end careers without a vision for a better future for ourselves, because we don’t believe we are deserving, and / or capable of better or more.

And that, my friends… Isn’t that the saddest thing? To go, like Mark Twain once said “to your grave with your purpose still inside of you.”


You know what I think? I think you know there is more to you and more to life, than who you are and where you are right now. That you can give more, do more, be more and have more than you currently do.

And I believe that you know in your heart of hearts that playing small and staying silent and stagnant will not give you the life and career you want and deserve. And you know that you are capable of making the bold decision to claim it, and make it happen. 

Any by goodness, you so, so deserve that!


If you want to take action to claim everything in your career that is yours, please have a look at our coaching program, and book a call to discuss if this is for you. 

Wies x


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