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Women tend to believe they are not great at negotiating. I have spoken with thousands of women across the globe about this subject and this is what they tell me time and time again: “I suck at negotiating.”

And here’s the truth: you don’t. In fact, you are a great negotiator.

Don’t just take my word for it: all the negotiation experts in the world I have asked who they believe is the better negotiator – men or women – say the same thing: on balance, women are better negotiators than men.

The research backs this up. When you compare the results of the different genders in negotiation outcomes, on average women get better outcomes.

This actually makes a ton of sense. Think about it: at the end of the day, negotiations are conversations. And what woman doesn’t love a good conversation?

Sure, negotiations are a specific type of conversation. But let’s dig a little deeper into that, shall we? Because what do you need for great, win-win negotiation outcomes?

You need great communication skills.





Women are natural peacemakers. We have been wired for and nurtured into being communal beings. We focus on the other before ourselves. And like I just shared: precisely those traits are what makes great negotiators.

Where we as women tend to drop the ball is the part of the negotiation where we need to advocate for ourselves. The very characteristics that make us great negotiators also carry the danger of giving in too quickly, in a bid to keep the peace.

This, my friends, is where you need to adhere strictly to the adage “Soft on the person, hard on the content”. The former you got down to a T. The latter requires both confidence (a true belief in yourself and what you are asking for is right) and skill (there are ways to do this well, and there are ways to… not get the results you deserve).

Which is where the WIN Way program comes in. I can help you gain the mindset and the toolset to achieve amazing results in your career and salary negotiations. 93% salary increases on average, say that’s not an overstatement. If you want help becoming a badass negotiator, send me a message.


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