Yeay For Lady Balls!

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Yeay for lady balls!

Oh team, you wanna hear this one, I promise!

So my client has been working at the same company for almost 2 decades. Two decades… And whereas this would always be an amazing feat, working in a massively male-dominated field where her specific magic has largely gone unrecognised makes that even more laudable.

Can you imagine? Bringing it, every. Single. Day. And then seeing the Bobs around you being promoted ahead of you, getting pay rises they’re refusing to give you as you “first need to prove yourself” (which is never asked of those men), taking you for granted, assigning you to do the most difficult work without so much as a thank you when you kill it once again, etc…

And then one day, you decide you’ve had enough. You are in the process of being promoted to a very senior role abroad. In a nutshell: you need to save their operations. The current Bob has turned the entire country into a big ol’ mess and they have asked you to go in and clean up the house. You are excited about the opportunity and you sense that once again they’ll expect you to do this for little recognition and pay. Instead of passively waiting for what size bone they’ll throw you, you decide to take your future in your own hands and join the WIN program. #takingyourselfseriously

During our work together, this WINner found her lady balls, and learnt the strategies to make sure she made the most of this opportunity FOR HERSELF. So when the time came and they did indeed offer her a pithy wage for the awesome task ahead of her, she clearly and confidently declined.

This caused major fuss inside the organisation. Apparently, she wasn’t supposed to say no, ha!

They very quickly turned around and asked her what would make her say yes. After a really fun brainstorming session (during which “aim high” and “what’s your F U number?” featured heavily 😊), she dropped her entire wish list.

And they said yes. To the whole thing.

She is getting everything she dreamt of: salary, other perks, title, the whole shebang.

It’s a WIN-WIN for both (hot tip: they wouldn’t say yes if it didn’t serve them) and by god, I am proud of her.

What can we learn from this badass woman?

  1. Find your lady balls.
  2. Get the strategies.
  3. Then negotiate the fuck out of your career.

Yeay for lady balls!

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