The Upside To Covid-19?

The coronavirus pandemic is terrible for a host of reasons: the threat to our health, the loss of life, the lack of contact, entire industries collapsing, companies going bust, people being laid off... On the plus side, it is also making one thing abundantly clear...

Here’s To Strong Women

Here’s to STRONG women May we recognize that we’re standing on the shoulders of incredibly strong women who have come before us and who fought hard to get us to where we are now. May we KNOW them May we all be graced by the support of other women, and in turn support...

Salary Increases

Recently I spent a day calculating what the average salary increase is that my WIN professionals get as a result of the program. The results were fairly staggering: the average was 49.1%! And with some other numbers coming in, officially it now stands >50%. I...

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The 5 Mindset Shifts My Clients Use To Find A Job They Love AND

Double Their Salaries

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