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Last night I received a message on Linkedin, from a contact asking me for advice on her upcoming salary negotiation… taking place today. 

According to her, she has been following my work for years, and sees the benefit of a coach helping her get paid what she is worth at – in her words – dream role. So she asked if I would have time this morning to prep her.

I did not have time this morning. And even if I had had the time, I wouldn’t have helped her. Before you get upset with me for leaving her in the lurch, hear me out.

Sure, quick ‘n dirty tips ‘n tricks – the type of stuff I would be able to do in an hour or so on the phone with her – will hike her salary up with a few percentage points. That’s easy. 

But I don’t want that. My ambitions for her are simply much, much higher. 

And any real change or increase, my friends, takes more effort. So having an hour or even a few hours together won’t suffice.


This lady isn’t an exception: I get similar messages several times a month of women reaching out asking if I can help them on an ad hoc basis, ideally NOW. They get serious about their careers and salaries way too late, preventing them from real success – the type that’s career changing, life upgrading, in other words: the type they deserve!

And what is worse: when you only get minor results in your negotiations due to your late or non-existent prep, you get frustrated and depressed. Thatin turn leads to a downward spiral of unhappiness, preventing you from further career success as you are unable to do your best work when you don’t feel valued and appreciated. And thus the cycle continues.

So please for the love of all things holy: #takeyourselfseriously and invest in your development as a negotiator well in time. Your future self and bank account will thank you for it! 

Let me know if you want my help on that journey (and if you have more than 12 hours to prep, haha!). Click here to message me


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