Work on Your Career and Not Just in It

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Unfortunately, most ambitious career professionals I speak to, spend an awful lot of time what I call “hamster-wheeling” to success. 

They spend 100% – and realistically of course: 150% – of their time beavering away behind their desks, doing the work, doing it all.

They spend very little time – if any at all – asking for credit for the successes they produce this way.  

They show up last minute, just before the meeting starts, because they were working until the last moment. They leave the second the meeting is done to yet again, beaver away behind their desks. They don’t attend networking meetings, because it seems a waste of their time. They don’t take the time for chats with colleagues and clients, because, again: that takes valuable time away from their computers.

And working so hard in their career pays off… to some extent. 

I mean, we all like a responsible hard worker, who gets results. We all love that dependable colleague you can always ask for help. We think highly of our team member who never makes mistakes and always makes the deadline.

But we don’t necessarily promote these hamster wheelers, or recognise their success in any other meaningful way. 

And there’s the rub. Because why the hell would you do all this work, go the extra mile, work you’re a** off every second of every day, if no one is going to appreciate it?!

So here’s my advice. 

Continue doing the work, putting in the effort and time. AND carve out 5% (heck, 10% if you’re feeling daring) to work ON your career. Seriously, that’s two hours a week on a full-time contract. You’ve got two hours. Really, you do. 

Go and meet with that stakeholder. Have lunch with that colleague. Go and see that interesting friend working in that interesting company doing that interesting thing. Send that email that highlights your accomplishments. Spend time strategizing for your next career step, daydreaming about where else you can make an impact. 

5% truly is all I ask. Do it consistently and you will be amazed what that tiny time investment will do for your career. 

If you need help strategizing your next steps and the execution of it (networking, tooting your own horn without blowing it, etc) do let me know. It’s an integral part of the work I do that gets WINners such amazing results: ubercorn positions (yes, that’s like the opposite of hamster wheel roles, haha!) and on average 49.1% salary increases. Just book a call here and we’ll make a plan to get you the recognition you deserve, okay?

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