Women shouldn’t have to fix the wage gap!! …..Or should they!?!

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Often, in the women’s networking groups, at conferences and other places where gender inequality is being discussed and I tell people what I do, I get eye rolls and sighs with a variation of the following lines: “We didn’t create this issue and therefore it shouldn’t fall on us to fix it.”

And whilst I agree with the sentiment that this is unfair, I disagree with the idea that it’s not up to us to fix it.

Here’s why.

No one is going to do it for us.

It’s that simple.

I am a very principled person and I am cheering on all initiatives by government organisations and company boards to make the playing field an even one.

However, there’s plenty of research to show things aren’t moving fast enough for us, our daughters or even our daughter’s daughters to benefit from pay equality in the work place.

I am also a pragmatic person, so I figure we might just as well do what we can to fix the issue – at a minimum for ourselves, but together we also have the ability to create a wave of change that will ultimately lead to reaching equality in the workplace that much faster.

And that includes negotiating for it, even when we’re scared. Even when we don’t quite have the experience or understanding how to do it. Even when our voices tremble and our stomach is tied in knots.

Change your history. Change your family’s history. Change the world around you.

Start the conversation with your manager about your remuneration if it is below where it should be.

Together we are stronger. Together we’ll fix it.


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