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Winning With Wies Bratby

The coaching program for professional women looking to transform their careers and lives through negotiation and career navigation skills, leading to more money, more recognition, and more fulfilment in their (dream) role.

The Women In Negotiation Professionals program is a ground-breaking, success-proven, and client-LOVED transformational coaching program for career women…

I built it because I asked myself what I needed back when I was in corporate in an unhealthy environment, and I was overworked and underpaid to boot. 

I held onto the belief that more and better was possible for me in my career. That there was more to life than *waves arms*… this. As it turns out: there was. I was able to completely transform my career. 

And I want the same for you. 

You are worth more, you are capable of more, you DESERVE more than what’s happening in your situation right now. Bigger and better things are waiting for you, I promise. 

Not for other women, or for different women, but for YOU – the woman reading this right now.

I want you to win with me. 

I want you to enjoy everything in your life and career that you deserve.

 And you can do so, with the support of a world-class coach, a success-proven program, and a badass community who will help you to win.

Winning with Wies Bratby will allow you to leave a legacy.

If you want to do so, and get all the things my WINners are getting, then this program could well be meant for you the same way as it was for these corporate bad-asses that came before you. And if you like how they describe their feelings about the program and the community, then you are going to love the numbers that back up their successes.

Money isn’t everything, but a 93% salary increase does have a nice ring to it, no? 

That’s the average my WINners received last year. It allowed them to change the course of their lives. It enabled them to leave a legacy. It allowed them to make decisions and take control of their own lives. 

Almost doubling your salary is a game changer. What would such an increase mean for your life? 

To measure just how much more money you would earn if you pro-actively and successfully negotiated your salary, please adjust the below calculator to your situation. It will automatically calculate how much more money you could be earning, using 65 as retirement age. 

How much longer are you willing to lose out?

Those figures about 93% average salary increases? They seem too good to be true, I know. But that’s what only working with WINners (committed women willing to put in the hard work) gets you. 

I’m not willing to let those stats drop for anyone, so if you’re wanting to Win, I’m going to need you to jump on a quick qualifying call with me (30 minutes, and it’s free) to find out if we are a fit to work together, and I can help you make large amounts of money, and find your dream role and dream life along the way.

On that call, I’ll either save you the investment in the program or I’ll set you on the flight path to making that money back again and again and again in the career that’s about to take off for you (departure destinations differ)!

And that’s just as good for my mission as it is for your life and your journey from this point onwards.

 And so, although I’ve told you that I don’t want you to buy into Winning with Wies, I imagine that this is exactly what you do, in fact, want to do right now.

You rebel!

If you’re nodding your head right now and looking for the

“Sign Up Now!” button… wait!

Working together on this program needs to be right for the both of us.

Winning is for the hard workers

it’s not for the hard to coach

Winning is for the over-achievers

it’s not for the under-ambitious

Winning is for the perpetually passed-over

it’s not for the passive

About Wies


So far, I’ve been insistent on how committed to this program I need you (as one of my WINners) to be, and how I have high expectations for the work I need you to put in to make sure you get out the results you absolutely deserve. 

But what about me? The person making these demands and the person ready to grab you by the hand to make sure you see this through?

I’m Wies Bratby, and if you’re not already connected with me on LinkedIn, I suggest you go and do that right away, whether you’re going to join Winning with Wies Bratby program right now or not.

Today, I’m the woman behind Women In Negotiation, but in a previous career, I held senior roles in HR with responsibility for hiring great people and ensuring their career development. I also qualified and practised successfully as a Lawyer on an international scale, and I trained hard in the thrill and the skill of negotiation whilst I built my corporate career.

My experience, coupled with the fact I am a fierce feminist to my core, has perfectly placed me to develop Winning with Wies career navigation and negotiation program, and the perfect person to reach out and hold your hand to champion you to success along the way. 

Please note – it’s not just professional experience that I bring. Everything I do, say, create, practise, and preach is research based. I’m a specialist not only in negotiation, but in the role of gender in negotiation (as well as in communication in general). When it comes to making workplace dynamics work for you, I’m your woman.

But this is not about me. 

This program is 100% dedicated to YOU getting what YOU need to get everything YOU want and deserve in your career.

And here’s what that looks like:


In the program, we start by getting you crystal clear on exactly where you want to get to in this one short life we’ve all been giving. WINners immerse themselves in this program to find out what sparks their energy, what drives their interest, and where they truly want to ‘go’ in their career.

From there we work backwards to determine your next career step – a bigger challenge and pay package where you are at, or an altogether new role or new company, or a combination of all the above?

We will then establish and create the environment that allows you to do your best work, have the biggest impact, and gain the recognition and enjoyment you deserve for every part of it.

And then, my darling? We make that happen.


In the program, you will learn to competently navigate the politics of promotions and the minefield that is finding a new role in a new organisaton. Please note: WINners don’t apply for roles via standard recruitment processes, and they certainly don’t have to work harder than they’ve already been doing in their careers this far.

I will hold your hand and guide you through the process of co-creating – together with the company of your dreams – the perfect role for you. 

Once the other side is in a place where they cannot imagine anyone else for this role you are going to be doing – ie at prime negotiation power – you then learn to negotiate a set up and a salary that is fabulous for that unicorn-level position. 

I will teach you what to say (and how to say it), I will give you the scripts that we know – having worked for hundreds of WINners before you – in getting you the position, purpose and potential-fulfilment that you want and deserve. 


In the program, you will develop an unshakeable self-belief that you can and will land that dream role – even if you have to create it yourself. If you don’t fully own the value of the work you do, of what you deliver, it’s difficult to communicate that value, let alone get recognised for it. Owning your worth is necessary to command what you deserve in return.

In order to build this confidence in yourself and your capacity, WINners dig through the dirt and rip out those self-limiting beliefs, deep-seated fears, and societal boundaries at the root, and replace those with an empowered belief in themselves. This increases their ambitions AND allows them to bring the right energy to the conversations and negotiations that will allow them the best outcomes. 

Ready to get your hands dirty and do the groundwork to build something big?

Women in Negotiation Community


Whilst communities are supposed to be designed to support you, the corporate world doesn’t so much give as it does take when it comes to working women. You know this, and it sucks.

This is why WINners aren’t going through the program alone. #sisterhoodFTW

Sure, I will be personally holding your hand throughout your transformation, but you’ve also got a community of fellow WINners around you on this program, too. Despite a diversity in backgrounds – locations, industries, types of roles, seniority levels – everyone in the community is looking for the same thing: in what role can I do my best work, and how can I get recognised for that? 

The Women In Negotiation network includes the Winner graduates that stick around to send the elevator back down. They get in the damn thing with you and say, “How high do you wanna go?”. It’s an unbelievable network where opportunities are shared that aren’t shared anywhere else, where connections and introductions are made every single day. 

And the Women In Negotiation sisterhood – WINners who are currently going through the program, just like you – gathers twice a week to share lessons, learnings and a ton of inspiration. You will make life-long friends in this tight community.

Ready to take your place among your fellow WINners and find out exactly how this works?

Then let’s get down to the facts. 

You already know the investment that you need to be committed and coachable.

Practical Program Overview

Winning Step-by-Step Framework

To start, I’m going to give you my famous Winning With Wies step-by-step framework and scripts to navigate career progression and career negotiations. Each week on the program, we’re going to build on the learnings from the prior week, so that you can build your confidence along the way and really see the transformation taking place. What’s the point in having results if you can’t see them, hey? 

Deep Mindset Work

A large part of the course is dedicated to building unshakeable self-belief, since you cannot communicate powerfully the value of the work you do if you don’t own it. The exercises and lectures focus on different aspects and together they ensure you are as ambitious as you should be for your next step; that you will aim high. 

This work will also guarantee that there is power behind your words when you speak to the other side and that you generally bring a positive, confident energy to the process of creating and negotiating your next role. 

This deep mindset work will have a ripple effect in the rest of your life, with WINners reporting better relationships with the people around them and a more positive outlook on life. 

Exercises and Challenges

Although my framework is fixed (because it damn well works), there will be exercises and challenges set specifically for you in relation to your current situation and your future goals. It’s this kind of personalisation that means you’ll really own your space on this program – and get the best result. 

2 x Private Coaching Sessions

We will also put two private coaching sessions with me in your diary at specific points in the program.

In these one-to-one sessions, we’ll deep dive together into your situation and building upon everything you have learnt in the program, further structure your personalised action plan for the career moves you need to make and the negotiations you need to have.

2 x Weekly Group Calls

On top of this “home study work”, every week across the 10-week transformation, you will have two intensive calls with the other WINners, and each one will be personally led by me. No outsourcing to other coaches, or palming you off on associates. You signed up because of me, and I’m here for you because of it.

Q&A / Roleplay / Success Sharing

Each call will include a Q & A, so bring all of your questions with you, my darling. It will also include a roleplay exercise so that you can really practise and refine what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it, during the career conversations and negotiations that we will have you create during the program. And we take plenty of time to celebrate everyone’s successes, as it allows us to open up the bubbly (that’s a joke – mostly), and get inspired. 

Graduates Group

And when the program’s over? You will have your badass role, your badass salary and your badass set-up.

But I’m not letting you go, my love.

We will teach you how to set healthy boundaries (at work, and at home), communicate the value of your work systematically, create new opportunities inside and outside your company. 

In short, we will set you up for sustainable career success. 

Look forward to lifetime access to all current and future Winner materials, your group call recordings AND access to a special ‘Graduates Group’, with continued group calls every month to continue that steep career path you are now on, so you have the sisterhood AND me in your back pocket forever!

Okay so I’ve talked enough, so let’s hear from some wonderful WINning women who’ve been where you are now, and want you to take the next leap to transform your career so that you can join them right where they are now

Look, let’s be straight with each other. As a woman, you’re programmed, conditioned, and pretty much expected (in work, in society, and in life) to settle, to accept, and to comply with whatever’s set out for you.

Not only am I telling you this doesn’t have to be the case, through this program I’m showing you. 

And if the results and successes of my past WINners are anything to go by, I’m damn well proving it, too.

Ready to Winning with Wies?

It’s your call.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know this is right for me?

If you have made it this far, feel that fire in your belly, and know deep down that you are done playing small and are ready to make a change, then I believe you already know the answer.

How do I know this is right for me?

If you have made it this far, feel that fire in your belly, and know deep down that you are done playing small and are ready to make a change, then I believe you already know the answer.

How long is the program?

The program is ten weeks, but you will have lifetime access to the materials and monthly graduates calls – free of charge.

I’m really busy, what if I don’t have time?

As I said above, this is an intense process, there is no point in pretending that it isn’t. If you feel that you can’t commit to your own success right now and make yourself available for 5+ hours a week (the more, the better, obviously), then this is not the time. However, let’s be real: there will never be the perfect time…

So let me ask you instead: how much longer can you afford to not have the career and salary you deserve? How much longer can you postpone your dreams? If the commitment is there, you will make it happen.

Please note that the program is very flexible: you can do the work whenever you want and wherever you are, as long as you have wifi. The Team Calls are at set times every week (Tuesdays 8-10PM CET, Thursdays 1-3PM CET) and they are recorded so in case of schedule clashes, you can always watch the recordings of these – you will have access to them forever.

I am an entrepreneur - does the program also work for me?

Whilst there is a lot of overlap between women in corporate and women who run businesses, the Women in Negotiation Professionals program is meant only for women who are or want to be employed. If you are a woman entrepreneur with a service-based business, I recommend you sign up to the waitlist to be notified when we restart the Women In Negotiation entrepreneurs program.

I don't know what I want to do with my life - is this program for me?

If you know that you want to work in corporate (vs becoming an entrepreneur) then the program will help you figure out exactly the vision for your career. On top of that, it will help you create that role and then negotiate a great salary and set up for it 😊

I work in a start-up / NGO / governmental body / academia - does the program also work for me?

Yes, it will. In fact I would argue that for people in environments that aren’t traditionally labeled as “big money” (to put it mildly), it is even more important to

a. not fall for the trap that there is no budget there and
b. negotiate the heck out of it.

We have very successful WINners coming from (or going into) all those fields.

I just want some quick 'n dirty tips and tricks to increase my salary - is this the program for me?

No. The Women In Negotiation Professionals program is transformational in nature. If you’re looking for fast and easy hacks, we are not the right fit to work together. If you want sustainable results that will blow you away, and you are willing to do the work, then yes, the program is for you!

I have an interview / negotiation opportunity coming up really soon, I don't have ten weeks! Can I still join?

Yes, probably. If we are the right fit to work together, we can often get you started in less than 24h after your application. And it is usually very much possible to adjust the program to the timeline you have. Warning – you WILL increase the workload as we will probably need to frontload materials and exercises.

I have a lot of mindset stuff I need to work on. Should I do that first?!

Oh darling, I hear you. If it was only about working hard and getting results, you’d probably be CEO now, right?!

Recognising that the source of what holds us back is not a lack of skills but rather a lack of confidence and limiting beliefs, including the related issues of impostor syndrome, fear of rejection, fear of confrontation etc, that are holding us back, the Women In Negotiation program focuses on mindset first and foremost.

So whilst I am not a licensed therapist and can only relate to you from my own experience and the experience of the hundreds of WINners I have helped, please note that building up your confidence and dealing with limiting beliefs and fears that block your success is the core of what we do at Women In Negotiation.

When does the program start?

We have a rolling entry, so as soon as you have filled out the application form and we have had our application call and we have invited you in, you can start. This can all be taken care of in as little as 24 hours.

How many people are in the group?

The group size fluctuates based on who I invite into the program and when you want to start. I can guarantee everyone gets the time and attention they need and deserve regardless of group size.

When do the Team Calls take place?

Tuesday 8-10PM CET, Thursdays 1-3PM CET. Whilst you are encouraged to attend these live (hello, inspiration boost!!), they are not obligatory. We do record all calls and you will have access to these recordings forever in case you have to miss (part of) a session.

Do I keep access to the materials after the end of the program?

Yes, you will have access to the Women In Negotiation learning platform and all materials on there forever.

Who does all the coaching?

All Team Calls are led by me, Wies Bratby. Haven’t missed one in 5 years! And all personal coaching calls are also done by me.

Can I just take some individual coaching calls with you?

As part of the Women In Negotiation program, there are two personal coaching calls, during which we integrate the learnings from the materials and Team Calls into a tailor-made strategy for YOU. And as a Women In Negotiation graduate, ie once you have finished the program, you can add more private coaching calls with me if you so desire.

I don’t do any private coaching outside of the Women In Negotiation program, because I don’t believe that an ad hoc approach serve you to the best possible outcome.

How many hours a week should I spend on the program?

It very much depends on your situation so it’s not easy to say, but count on at least 5+ hours a week, the more, the better. Most of these hours you can plan yourself; only the Team Calls are at set hours (though they are not mandatory and you will receive the recordings of these and keep access to them forever.)

When can I expect to see results?

That depends both on where you are currently at and where you want to get to. Some WINners go from no job and sending hundreds of job applications before Women In Negotiation, to signed contract within three weeks. Most WINners mention serious shifts in their mindset and approach within the first few days. You will have an action plan so that you can start taking action on day 1.

I have more questions about the program!

Excellent, email our client manager Sannie at with any queries you may still have and she will help you out. Sannie is the best!

Winning With Wies Bratby

Make your move, make your impact, leave your legacy.

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