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Winning Podcast with Wies Bratby
I will soon be taking a short holiday to rest and recharge my batteries after an intense year of all this (*gestures vaguely*), and also to catch up on some reading and podcasts I have missed during this busy year.

I hope you, too, will have some an opportunity to recharge.

Should you be looking to brush up on your career and salary negotiation skills, and if you are interested to hear real life WIN coaching sessions, below are the links to the podcast series I did in collaboration with the magnificent Katarina Hagstedt – WINNING with Wies Bratby.

I have heard it lends itself equally well to beach-listening as it does to car journeys!

Each podcast episode is the recording of an intimate coaching session I did with a variety of career women experiencing different challenges in their work:

Episode 1: The Underearner is about Andrea, who is underpaid and wants to drastically change that

Episode 2: The Informal Interview shows how to best prepare for an informal interview

Episode 3: A difficult Conversation is about Sophie, who wants to move past an emotional and personal clash with her boss

Episode 4: The Drivers Seat is about taking control of you career

Episode 5: Expanding the Pie Looking for WIN – WIN outcomes in emotionally charged negotiations

Episode 6: From Kitchen Table to Conference Table is about the conversations we need to have at home and with our boss to allow us to do our best work


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