Friday WIN: 25th March 2022

Featured in Testimonial
Did you read that ↑ ↑ ↑ first? Go back and make sure you let it sink in because, ladies, this is what I call winning! Negotiations are not JUST about salary, and they are definitely not JUST about getting the minimum you asked for. You can have it all, if you ask for it. 

Dream role? CHECK

Dream boss? CHECK

Dream salary? CHECK

These are the tenets of a winning negotiation, right?! Within three weeks, this bad-ass had serious conversations and winning negotiations regarding three options. One of these options turned out to be the true unicorn that ticked all the boxes.

She will .be making approx CHF30K MORE than her original target – talk about success!

But perhaps the best thing is leadership she will be working under, and the growth path she is on.

Today, I am celebrating her and all the other WINners who commit to action working ON their career, not just hamster-wheelin’ IN it.

Sometimes all it takes is a couple of weeks of work, stepping firmly outside your comfort zone and using a proven framework for the entire conversation + negotiation part.

Winning negotiations don’t happen without you taking the initiative to instigate them in the first place. If you’re ready to create this kind of success for yourself, then click the button below to book a call with me and see if my salary negotiation coaching program can help you.

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