The 5 Mindset Shifts Smart Career Women Use To Negotiate and Increase their Salaries
Learn the strategies and mindset high-achieving career women use to confidently secure the next step in their careers through this 10-week transformational online coaching program
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I see you...
You are overworked and overstretched, yet uninspired and underpaid at work.

You are being passed over for promotions that you very much deserve.

You are feeling stuck and in survival mode, going through the motions every day.

You are not doing work you love, or in a way you love.

You are unemployed right now, and not seeing light at the end of the tunnel for all the rejections and ghosting that’s happening during the application process.

Fear, doubt and impostor syndrome are kicking your butt.

Do you fear one day you will regret not making the most of your career?

Are you procrastinating on your dreams?

If this is hitting home for you and you’re ready to say “Enough!”, read on.

It doesn’t need to be this way. Repeat after me: It. Doesn’t. Need. to. Be. This. Way.

You are deserving of a great career and life, and it is possible to get it, too. Your life and career CAN be satisfying, joyful and very, very rewarding.
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Feeling inspired by the work that you do. Every. Single. Day.

Being paid your worth – 92.3% salary increase, anyone?

Showing up confidently and powerfully in life, and at work, and being HEARD.

Choosing happiness and fulfilment, doing work you absolutely LOVE.

Building a financially secure future for yourself and your loved ones.

Going after your dreams in this one short life we’ve all been given.
Are you ready to Quantum leap in your career?
With the right guidance, tools and mindset, you can learn to co-create and then negotiate your dream position and salary in the company or organisation that is the right fit for you, allowing you to live your life and have the career you want and deserve!
Let’s Do This!
Tell me… does any of this sound familiar?

Do you feel overworked and overstretched, but you’re just getting on with it, because there seems to be no solution?

Are you earning less than you should, but you haven’t dared to raise the point? Or you did try but got nowhere?

Do you feel stuck or like you’re playing small and wasting your best years in a company that doesn’t deserve you?

Or maybe you are currently in-between jobs and the broken recruitment system has already left its mark on you with rejections and ghosting?

And how about this?

You have no problem negotiating for others – your family members, your team members, your company - but are you terrible at negotiating for yourself?
And you’re over it.

The rejections for promotions or different roles.

The playing small.

The lack of appreciation.

I get it. I have – unfortunately - seen it time and time again.

So many strong and talented women at all levels of corporate, working so damn hard every single day, and simply not receiving the recognition they deserve for * waves arms * ALL the value they bring.

Friends, let me tell you: hamsterwheelin’ will only get you so far in your career. It is time to get the rewards for all that hard work and those fabulous results you are delivering, don’t you think?
I can help.
My program will give you the tools to:
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Getting clarity on the vision for your life and your career
Co-creating the perfect role in your dream company or organisation
Let go of self-doubt, imposter syndrome and playing small
More precisely identifying exactly the right next career step for you
Negotiating this role powerfully, so your work set-up works for you and you earn what you should
Be your authentic self at work, communicating confidently and comfortably
It’s time to learn proven and successful tools, techniques and strategies to quantum leap your career so that it finally works for YOU.
As girls, we are raised to be compliant, and to think of others first. That makes it difficult to step up and speak up in our careers. Yet, the workplace was designed by men, for men, and you DO need to raise your voice to be heard. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, right?

Yet when we overcome these internalised barriers of discomfort, we tend to run smack bang into the wall of likability bias, that says we need to be nice to get anywhere as a woman.

In short – it’s a tricky tightrope to walk.

Get loud, speak up for yourself, and be perceived as arrogant or bitchy.

Stay quiet and get… nowhere. #hellogenderpaygap

So what’s a girl to do?

What if I told you that that quality of focusing on the other is in fact our feminine super power?
Seriously, I have the solution…
... I have helped thousands of women, from across the world and all kinds of industries – banking, consulting, law, pharma and tech but also education, government, start-ups, NGO’s -, from women who just left university only a few years ago through to C-Suite powerhouses, transform their careers with the tools, strategies and mindset that allowed them to claim the career success that they desired and deserved.

The Program

The transformational career navigation and salary negotiation coaching program for professional women, combining practical skill-building with deep mindset work, leading to incredible results: massive career jumps with – on average – 92.3% salary increases.
 If you are looking to step up in your career AND you are committed to doing the deep work necessary, then I am inviting you to apply to my one-of-a-kind, result-orientated and successfully proven-to-work WIN Professionals program.

This is exclusively for high-achieving women in corporate who are looking to claim the position, recognition and results that they deserve and desire.
Is that you?
   During the program you will gain:   
Get crystal clear on what you desire most from your career and life, and establish what you need in order to do your best work. By working back from that bigger picture, we can establish your best next career step.

During the program, you will gain a deep understanding of what gives you energy, what interests you most, and what type of work you do best.

Should you stay where you are, and just move up or sideways internally? Or should you find your dream role externally, perhaps even in another industry, location or type of role? It’s all possible. Usually, it’s best to explore all the different options, to be able to make a clear, informed decision about your next step.
The skills to navigate the politics and rules related to promotions and other internal steps and the skills to co-create the right role for you if you’re going externally – WINners don’t apply for roles via the standard recruitment processes! – are essential if you want to take big leaps in your career. Working harder didn’t cut it, remember? You need to be smarter.

Plus: once you have got the position, you need to negotiate the exact set up and salary that you want. If you have never negotiated (successfully) for yourself before, this is an important step. Communicating your value powerfully is essential in getting paid your worth. I will teach you exactly what to say and how to say it (including scripts that we know WORK!) but in a way that is authentic and comfortable, to get the outcomes you want.

My framework is based on the hands-on experience I have as a former HR director,  being responsible for hiring senior management and their career development, so I know from a corporate perspective what’s needed, and a former top-lawyer, so I know my way around the negotiation table. I have combined this real-life experience with in-depth research into the role of gender in communication, negotiation and the workplace, leading to a system that just works.
On top of knowing the how-to of finding and getting your dream job, you need CONFIDENCE, or as I like to call it: unshakeable self-belief. Because if you don’t know your worth, you simply cannot communicate it to others, let alone command it. Developing an empowered vision of and for yourself is how you open doors to big conversations, big opportunities, and even bigger budgets.

So a big part of the program is dedicated to building this confidence through mindset work. We rip out deep-rooted limiting beliefs, fears and any imposter syndrome you may be feeling. And we replace them with empowering beliefs that not only increase your ambitions, but also and convince others you are the only person they can imagine working with – making it a whole lot easier to demand a high salary and a set up that works for you.
You don’t need to go on this journey alone – there is a community of women that help you stay accountable and inspired. You will become part of the WIN Old Girls Network, which is a bit like the old boys network, except better 😊. The diversity of the WINners and WIN graduates’ background, and their amazing willingness to share opportunities, make introductions and connections, and to support one another, is unsurpassed in the world of work.

But the community goes a lot further. I call the group of current WINners “the Sisterhood”, because there is nothing that better describes the pure love and support that WINners share amongst themselves. Having your personal cheering squad, keeping you inspired and believing in yourself and who are there every step of the way, will make a profound difference.
So what does this actually look like?
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WIN is a high-touch, intimate coaching program where I will hold your hand to guide you through the mindset hurdles that are holding you back from achieving your career goals AND where you will get the very hands-on skills you need to do so, with the added benefit of learning with other women who are on the same journey as you and who have got your back.

👉 You will get my step-by-step framework and scripts to navigate career steps and career negotiations – each week building on the learnings from the prior week. Plus you will get the exercises and challenges that deepen and personalise the learning to fit your situation.

👉You will get two intensive calls with the other WINners in the program, led by me each week, which include a Q&A, roleplay exercises and successes sharing for inspiration, so you get the strategies and personalised insights you need to claim what it is you want most from your career.

👉You will also receive two private coaching sessions with me where we take the learnings so far and together build your personalised action plan for the career moves you need to make and the negotiations you need to have.

👉Access to our group’s secret Facebook group for support, momentum and community throughout the journey, and access to the secret Linkedin networking group. This is the powerhouse community of women leaders lifting each other up that you’ve been searching for!

👉 Lifetime access to all current and future materials, plus the Graduates group after the program finishes, with monthly group calls that mean that you will be supported every step of your career!

👉 And most importantly, I’ll be here to hold your hand and guide you through the mindset and confidence hurdles that are holding you back from where you want to be. 
The WIN Way methodology has worked for 500+ clients. Over the past twelve months alone, they secured on average salary increases of over 90% in their career negotiations, landing amazing promotions and new roles – often in different fields and locations (career pivots are my jam!).
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And they don’t stop once they are there… 

Many WINners have used the lessons from the program to secure further promotions, career moves and serious salary increases every single year since doing the program…  

Just think where you could be with this kind of growth?! 

During the ten weeks of intensive coaching, you receive the tools and resources so that you can start implementing immediately. The weekly exercises enable you to tailor-make the system to your personal situation, ensuring you are set up for success. And if your specific situation calls for it, we can also adjust the program timeline and order for you, so you have what you need when you need it. 

Because these tools, strategies and importantly: mindset, that you will learn have lifelong impact, you have lifetime access to them. That way, you will be able to leverage them time and time again… even after the program finishes. 

And what’s even more The amazing thing about this program is that you don’t have to do this alone. Momentum happens in communities.
That’s why I’ve spent years building a the sisterhood of ambitious and supportive women on the same journey who are committed to WINNING. 

This group is a powerful community that will help keep you accountable, provide support, and that opens doors daily for each other. It is a powerhouse network  that will change your life, and the way you do business, forever.

This is for you if...
You work in corporate, getting great results for your team, boss and company but you’re feeling unfulfilled, overworked and underappreciated 
You are ambitious, done playing small and have a desire to make a much bigger impact 
 You want to be recognised and remunerated appropriately for what you bring to the table 
 You have proven you are great at what you do and ready to fully own it and get rewarded for it  
But seriously…. My methodology is not for everyone. 
Not everyone is ready for this level of change. Not everyone is ready to do the work. which is fine, of course, but then my program is not for you.

In order to be successful in the program, you need to be:
Be able to get creative and find a way around what doesn't go to plan (because life never does, does it?!)
Be willing to step outside your comfort zone and try new thing
I'm here to hold your hand but you need to be willing to put in the leg work
Because ultimately this level of change in your career will take work. It will be intense. People, we go deep. It is intense, and I make no apologies for that. If you want real results, real change, real success, you have to do the work.

I will guide you every step of the way, I will be there when the going gets tough, but YOU have to do the work.

And when you do… Oh lala! It works, people. The program really works:

Unicorn-level roles - the ones that have it allll…. The title, the responsibilities, the salary, the set-up, the fun, the success….

Badass career pivots - changing industry? Location? Type of role? We’ve got your back. And no, you don’t need to start at the bottom – screw that. Minimum sideways, but more likely moving up.

Salaries that almost double – on average. We have women tripling their income – just saying.

I know… this is a bold statement, but I can make good on that. I’ve done it for many hundreds of other women, and if you’ve got what it takes, I can do it for you too.

Just take a look at my track record so far….
My Promise To You... 
More Money
More Impact
 More Joy and Satisfaction 
   I'M READY TO WIN!    
On average my clients receive a salary increase of over 90%. Just this week, I had one client receive a 130% increase in base salary alone (the bonuses are a whoooole different story and will push up her increase much further) when she jumped companies.
Please use my salary calculator below to do the math to see what your return on investment could be.


Whhoooaaaaa…. Right?

This is what I want for you. I want you to step up fully, own your power and value so you can finally get what you deserve in your career and life.
 It’s Exciting, right… But why should you trust me?
Fair question. Since results are the only thing that matters in the end, let me show you some...
Hello darling!
I’m Wies, the founder and coach of Women in Negotiation.
I’ve helped 500+ women of all ages, backgrounds and industries, from all over the world, to take control of their career and live life on their own terms through The WIN Way, my coaching program for corporate women.
While I don’t want to be dramatic, my entire life has led to this point.

I started my career as a lawyer, obsessed with negotiation, working for the top law firm in The Netherlands. Early on, I was part of the negotiation team on the largest settlements in the history of my country, and I dealt with many more negotiations after that. But after a burnout due to not being able to leverage my unique qualities, I knew that something had to change if I wanted my career to be sustainable and have real impact.

Career pivot!
I moved to Asia, where I joined a billion-dollar education company and was put in charge of building the HR competency for Asia. I gained extensive experience in recruitment and career development of senior management. And sitting on the employer side of the table, also helped me really learn the secrets to success in career-focused negotiations.

Combining these two capabilities – negotiating and HR – with my feminist side, wanting my two daughters to have a different future, I want to teach as many women as possible how to negotiate and navigate their careers successfully.

The future is female, y’all. It really is.

Since staring WIN many years ago, I have changed thousands of lives by teaching the art and of science of successful negotiation in online and live workshops and through my intensive coaching program.

I have made it my life’s mission to inspire women like YOU to show up, do their best work, live their best lives AND get paid their worth.
I want that for you too! 
As Seen In...   
Again, don’t just take it from me, check out what my clients have to say…

These WINs are not isolated. The program has an incredibly high success rate, in part because we only take on women who are committed to do the work. And these women - all over the world, from all different backgrounds, and all willing to put in the effort necessary for this level up change - are reaping the rewards from their efforts.

By joining the WIN program, you will be next to claim the career success you deserve!

   What you will get...   
  • A blueprint with personalised assignments of how to get total clarity on what YOU want from your life and career
  • The WIN Way Communication Framework that spans the process from identifying the right stakeholders, to ensuring their interest in speaking with you, to the conversation to see if there is a match between what the company / team needs and your unique skillset.
  • The WIN Way Role Creation Framework - a step-by-step system that teaches you how to co-create a position that you love, either internally or in a new company
  • The WIN Way Salary and Set Up Negotiation Framework, including scripts that work consistently, to ensure your package and work set up are incredible
  • A thorough research tool to find out what an ambitious and still realistic salary + benefits package is for the role you have created, so you have the data to back up your ask
  • In-depth objection handling techniques, that will counter any concerns the other side may have (From “You don’t have experience in this field” to “There is no budget for a salary increase”)
  • In-depth training strengthening your communication techniques at work, increasing your visibility and enabling you to speak confidently and powerfully about yourself
  • The deep mindset shifts that increase your ambitions and vision for what is possible for yourself
  • Powerful modules that deal with impostor syndrome, fear and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck
  • The important skill of boundary setting, allowing them to do their best work whilst maintaining a healthy work – life balance
  • Challenges / exercises that allow you to practice your new skills effectively and efficiently, so you feel ready and confident when you walk into the negotiation room

Together, this will ensure you will be able to get the position and salary you want and deserve. And I am not exaggerating when I tell you that you will feel the ripple effects from this work in all aspects of our life. I often hear from WINners who have improved the relationships with their loved ones, team members and clients, through the WIN program. These WINners tell me that they feel more confident in all areas of their life, and more at peace with themselves.

In short, the program will give you the clarity, confidence, competence and community you need to get the career and life you want and deserve!
Pay In Full
You can join the WIN Program today for just EUR6K
Or pay in four instalments of just
 Frequently Asked Questions
How do I know this is right for me?
If you have made it this far, feel that fire in your belly, and know deep down that you are done playing small and are ready to make a change, then I believe you already know the answer.

How long is the program?
The program is ten weeks, but you will have lifetime access to the materials and monthly graduates calls – free of charge.

I’m really busy, what if I don’t have time?
As I said above, this is an intense process, there is no point in pretending that it isn’t. If you feel that you can’t commit to your own success right now and make yourself available for 5+ hours a week (the more, the better, obviously), then this is not the time. However, let’s be real: there will never be the perfect time...

So let me ask you instead: how much longer can you afford to not have the career and salary you deserve? How much longer can you postpone your dreams? If the commitment is there, you will make it happen.

Please note that the program is very flexible: you can do the work whenever you want and wherever you are, as long as you have wifi. The Team Calls are at set times every week (Tuesdays 8-10PM CET, Thursdays 1-3PM CET) and they are recorded so in case of schedule clashes, you can always watch the recordings of these – you will have access to them forever.

I am an entrepreneur - does the program also work for me? 
Whilst there is a lot of overlap between women in corporate and women who run businesses, the WIN Professionals program is meant only for women who are or want to be employed. If you are a woman entrepreneur with a service-based business, I recommend you sign up to the waitlist [link], to be notified when we restart the WIN entrepreneurs program.

I don't know what I want to do with my life - is this program for me? 
If you know that you want to work in corporate (vs becoming an entrepreneur) then the program will help you figure out exactly the vision for your career. On top of that, it will help you create that role and then negotiate a great salary and set up for it 😊

I work in a start-up / NGO / governmental body / academia - does the program also work for me? 
Yes, it will. In fact I would argue that for people in environments that aren't traditionally labeled as "big money" (to put it mildly), it is even more important to
a. not fall for the trap that there is no budget there and
b. negotiate the heck out of it.
We have very successful WINners coming from (or going into) all those fields.

I just want some quick 'n dirty tips and tricks to increase my salary - is this the program for me?
No. The WIN Professionals program is transformational in nature. If you're looking for fast and easy hacks, we are not the right fit to work together. If you want sustainable results that will blow you away, and you are willing to do the work, then yes, the program is for you!

I have an interview / negotiation opportunity coming up really soon, I don't have ten weeks! Can I still join?
Yes, probably. If we are the right fit to work together, we can often get you started in less than 24h after your application. And it is usually very much possible to adjust the program to the timeline you have. Warning – you WILL increase the workload as we will probably need to frontload materials and exercises.

I have a lot of mindset stuff I need to work on. Should I do that first?! 
Oh darling, I hear you. If it was only about working hard and getting results, you’d probably be CEO now, right?!

Recognising that the source of what holds us back is not a lack of skills but rather a lack of confidence and limiting beliefs, including the related issues of impostor syndrome, fear of rejection, fear of confrontation etc, that are holding us back, the WIN program focuses on mindset first and foremost.

So whilst I am not a licensed therapist and can only relate to you from my own experience and the experience of the hundreds of WINners I have helped, please note that building up your confidence and dealing with limiting beliefs and fears that block your success is the core of what we do at WIN.

When does the program start?
We have a rolling entry, so as soon as you have filled out the application form and we have had our application call and we have invited you in, you can start. This can all be taken care of in as little as 24 hours.

How many people are in the group? 
The group size fluctuates based on who I invite into the program and when you want to start. I can guarantee everyone gets the time and attention they need and deserve regardless of group size.

When do the Team Calls take place? 
Tuesday 8-10PM CET, Thursdays 1-3PM CET. Whilst you are encouraged to attend these live (hello, inspiration boost!!), they are not obligatory. We do record all calls and you will have access to these recordings forever in case you have to miss (part of) a session.

Do I keep access to the materials after the end of the program? 
Yes, you will have access to the WIN learning platform and all materials on there forever.

Who does all the coaching?
All Team Calls are led by me, Wies Bratby. Haven’t missed one in 5 years! And all personal coaching calls are also done by me.

Can I just take some individual coaching calls with you? 
As part of the WIN program, there are two personal coaching calls, during which we integrate the learnings from the materials and Team Calls into a tailor-made strategy for YOU. And as a WIN graduate, ie once you have finished the program, you can add more private coaching calls with me if you so desire.

I don't do any private coaching outside of the WIN program, because I don't believe that an ad hoc approach serve you to the best possible outcome.

How many hours a week should I spend on the program? 
It very much depends on your situation so it's not easy to say, but count on at least 5+ hours a week, the more, the better. Most of these hours you can plan yourself; only the Team Calls are at set hours (though they are not mandatory and you will receive the recordings of these and keep access to them forever.)

When can I expect to see results?
That depends both on where you are currently at and where you want to get to. Some WINners go from no job and sending hundreds of job applications before WIN, to signed contract within three weeks. Most WINners mention serious shifts in their mindset and approach within the first few days. You will have an action plan so that you can start taking action on day 1.

I have more questions about the program!
Excellent, email our client manager Sannie at [link] with any queries you may still have and she will help you out. Sannie is the best!

If you are ready to finally get the position you want and deserve…

If you are ready to finally get recognised properly for the value you bring to your company…

If you are ready to free yourself from limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome, and own your skillset and expertise with confidence…

And if you are ready to shape your work and life on terms that work for YOU then…

It’s time to WIN!
Let's Do This!!!
You have already proven you can do it. You are great at what you do, if you’re in the right environment and supported in the right way. You deserve the recognition for all those great results.
Basically: you’ve put in the work. Now it’s time to claim your reward.

Apply here to take part in the WIN program. If we believe we are a match, we will invite you to a short call to further check the “click”.
Before you continue, let me ask you – what do you want to achieve? What do you see in your mind’s eye when you think of yourself thriving at work?

What kind of environment is that in?

What kind of people are you working with?

What kind of position are you in? At what level?

And what does the set up for this role look like – lots of travel / little travel, remote / hybrid / in office, lots of flexibility, part-time?

Basically, what does it take for you to thrive?

And… what salary would make you feel valued for all that great work you’d be doing in that position? 
Lay claim to it all, because you can have it all… The role, the impact, the flexibility, the salary, the benefits AND a personal life. Truly. WINners show every day that it’s all there for the taking, if you’re willing to do the work.
So take control of your career. Get in the driver’s seat. Apply to the WIN program, and let me hold your hand while you navigate and negotiate for yourself, building up your confidence and skills in the process. Communicate what you want and deserve, and get it…
Here's how it works: 
Fill out the program application form [link]
You willl be invited to jump on a quick clarity call with Wies if we think we  are a good fit to work together
Make the payment to secure your place and get started on this transformational program – this can be done in as little as 24h once we have received your application form

It really is this simple. So, you in?


Are you ready to get you get massive career results quickly, and sustainably!

Here’s the thing. You’ve probably told yourself:

If I work hard, I will be rewarded…

I just need to prove myself…

And how’s that strategy working out for you?

Sorry to be so blunt, AND it’s necessary that you take responsibility for your career. You cannot rely on others to see your value, to recognise it, to hand you opportunities.

That isn’t fair. And it’s not your fault.

And the reality is only you can rely on yourself to claim that space and ask for what you want and deserve.

Take back control.
Apply to work with me, so I can help you every step of the way so that YOU GET TO HAVE IT ALL...
The position…
The impact….
 The set-up…. 
  The salary that you deserve!