Why Horizontal Career Moves Are BS

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 Yes… I said it… Horizontal Career moves are BS!

People, can we make a deal?

*carefully steps on soap box*

Can we collectively agree never to settle for horizontal career moves? Can please call BS on needing to prove ourselves in a new field or company, when we have been doing great in our current one?

Contrary to what we are all made to believe, no field or company is such a special snowflake that it requires the kind of knowledge that goes beyond a good few weeks or months of learning, which can be done on the job. Seriously!

I know your new boss will pretend otherwise during your conversations with them. They might even genuinely believe it, bless their hearts. But they are totally wrong. And we shouldn’t buy into this mistaken belief and accept it.

I shake my head on a daily basis hearing the stories that women tell me about all of the horizontal “opportunities” they are “given.”

Give me a break.

You aren’t lucky that they are willing to give you a chance. THEY are lucky to have you. PRECISELY BECAUSE of your different background, you are going to add value in this new field or company.

And if the new employer genuinely doesn’t trust you can do the role, they shouldn’t give it to you. Which I am very comfortable advising and you should be very comfortable stating out loud, because there is a 99% chance, that they aren’t betting the team or company’s future on your success in the role.

Of course they know you will do great. They just like to make you believe you need to work that much harder, do that much better. Having you feel the fire under your feet will benefit them, or so they think.

So, please say it with me: horizontal moves are nonsense. Make it a diagonal (upward, of course!) one, so that you actually stretch yourself and they get the best out of you.

*steps of her soap box*

Carry on, my friends. Carry on.



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