When you want something you have never had before, then you need to do something you’ve never done before.

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Keeping it real with y’all. If you’re unhappy about your current state – your life, your career, your salary – you’re not going to get to a happy place by continuing what you have done so far.

Seems pretty obvious, right?

I thought so, too. And yet often when I coach women on how to navigate and negotiate their careers and salaries, considerable time must be spent “un-learning” old ways of doing things. Things that didn’t work, and therefore realistically make no sense in repeating. And my clients are, without fail, smart women. So you would expect them to only need help learning better ways of doing things, and then on execution.

But my clients are humans too 😊 And for humans, stepping outside their comfort zone, is inherently scary.

To give an example: in order to get a raise, you need to communicate the value you bring to the organisation. One part of showing that value, is by sharing your successes. In what way did you kick ass at your job? In other words: you need to toot your own horn.

This is something all women entering my program have shied away from in the past. And they’re very reluctant to do it. But they HAVE to, in order to get the raise or promotion they’re after.

And if I show them a way to do so that feels authentic and comfortable, they do it. And when they do it, without fail they find out it’s fine, it’s fun even, and it gets them the results they want!

But it starts with them being open to doing things a different way from how they have done them before.

As a consequence, one of the main criteria I have for inviting women into my career and salary negotiation program, is their “coachability”. To what extent are they willing to step outside of their comfort zone and do things in a new way?

If they are not coachable I will not invite them into my program. That is not me being difficult or a bitch – in fact, it’s quite the opposite. I simply know what is needed to be successful in your salary and career negotiations, and that coachability is crucial. If it not there, I cannot be absolutely certain you will get the outcomes you want and deserve. I can’t want it more than you do: YOU have got to do the work, including doing things differently from how you’ve ever done them.

But boy, if you DO step outside of your comfort zone, the rewards will be oh, so sweet! Unicorn job and – on average – 49% salary increases are worth getting a little uncomfortable for, don’t you think?

If you’re ready for that, PM me and I will hook you up with one of my coaches to assess on a phone call if indeed we can help you achieve all your career and salary negotiation goals.

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