When Not To Take A Promotion

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  Are you too good at your job?

You may be laughing at the very notion of it. Is there such a thing as being “too good at your job”?

Yes, yes there very much is. If you are so fabulous at what you do, that you make yourself irreplaceable for your manager, you are making it very hard for them to promote you.

They don’t want to lose their milk cow (sorry, Dutch expression!).

Your manager might increase your salary based on their fear of losing you. (Please note you WILL have to push for this yourself; I rarely hear of managers doing this of their own volition). But the better your results, the harder you work, the less likely you will get an actual promotion.

And this, friends, is where the real joy is for most people. 

Promotions bring more exciting work, more responsibility, more impact. And yes, more money. A lot more usually than a simple salary increase for your current level of responsibility.

The reward for doing a ton of work (and doing it very well), is more work. Of the same level.
Enter: the hamster wheel.
And say goodbye to: your sanity.

So if this is you you are GREAT at your job start spending time working ON your career, rather than just IN it.

Understand how promotion decisions are made.
Understand who makes them (the
org chart is usually only a vague indication). Start knowing and creating answers to the likelyobjections to moving you up.

One big objection in these situations is often that it will be “impossible” to fill in the gap you would leave behind if you moved up.

So start planning for that and start training others to replace you.

***In short: if you are too good at your job, make yourself indispensable for the company, so you alwayshave the upper hand, but also replaceable so you’re not held back.

If you’re reading this thinking “Yeah but… Yeah but…. Yeah but… How do you DO that??”, let me know. I’ve got your back.

I specialise in navigating and negotiating careers and strategizing these situations, my darlings, is what I live for. And what I am great at, as the number of promotions that WINners get, confirms. Getting promoted is not rocket science, but you do need to learn how the game is played.

It IS a game, mind you.

You can spend years, or decades even, trying to figure out its rules yourself OR youcut that time back to mere weeks by joining my coaching programthe choice is yours!



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