When More = Better

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Okay, I am buggering up the saying less = more, and I am doing so for a very good reason.

I need you to know that when it comes to negotiating your salary and job opportunities, more = definitely better. 

What I mean is that if you have several other opportunities lined up than just the one you’re going to negotiate that day, you will end up doing a whole lot better in that negotiation. 

The power of having alternatives to the one on the table, simply cannot be overestimated. The sheer confidence that comes from knowing you can say “no” to the present offer – whether that’s salary, level, title, anything – is something you cannot get in any other way. 

Whether or not you explicitly state to the other side that you have these other options, is a different question. Sometimes it’s necessary to mention your other alternatives to achieve the desired outcome of increased pressure on the other side. 

Often times, however, just knowing you have these other options is sufficient to change your own perspective and sense of agency. You don’t even need to tell the other side about them. The energy and confidence you will exude from knowing you can say no to anything that doesn’t meet your expectations based on these alternatives, will be felt by the other side. 

(BTW, historically speaking, WINners have often shared stories of how the other sides then sheepishly comes back, offering what they asked for in the first place, ha!)

So please remember: in fashion, in design, in art… There are a lot of places where less = more.

But when it comes to negotiation, more = definitely better!

If you’re thinking “Wies, this all sounds fabulous but I can’t even create one alternative, let alone several” then I hear you. It’s not easy, granted. It WILL take time and effort. 

And it absolutely can be done, and it changes EVERYTHING. 

If you want me to hold your hand to make this a reality for you, too, have a look at what my program looks like, the sole aim of which is to put you in that place of power! 


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