What Most Career Women Suck At

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Let’s start with what the women I work with are great at…

They are great at the content of their role

They are great at supporting others in their work

They are great at keeping a lot of balls in the air at the same time.

And here’s what they suck at before becoming a WINner…

Leveraging all of this good stuff for themselves.

Do you recognise what I am talking about?

Do you not know how to create visibility for yourself and your accomplishments? 

Do you struggle to build the relationships with the right stakeholders that will move your career forward? 

Do you hesitate to speak up when it matters? 

Well, if you are doing great work, if you support others, if you’re keeping a ton of balls in the air, but you’re not enjoying the benefits that should come with that, get in touch with me.

I cannot do your job for you. But I can teach you how to make you reap the rewards for it; that happens to be my square centimetre of expertise in this world. And an average of 93% salary increase for WINners says I am damn good at it, too. 


The Five Simple Mindset Shifts Smart Career Women Use To Negotiate New Roles, Promotions & Salary Raises Of - On Average - 93%

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