What Everybody Gets Wrong About Negotiating Their Salary

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“If I just know how to influence the other side to give me what I want…”

“If I just show the value of my work properly…”

“If I just find the right arguments to counter my boss’ objections…”

“…Then I will get the salary that I want and deserve.”

This is what a lot of women think who come to me for advice on their salary negotiations. They believe that they need the strategies, the techniques, the tools. They think that once they learn the skill of negotiating, then they will get whatever it is that they will ask for. 

Unfortunately, this is not how you achieve real negotiation success…


You see, negotiating your salary doesn’t start when you enter the negotiation room.

It starts much, much earlier. Especially in employment negotiations, the negotiation process starts with the right stakeholders knowing of your existence, knowing your capabilities and wanting all of that to be leveraged within the role. 

Speaking of stakeholders – who are the right stakeholders? Is it HR, is it your boss or – most often – are there other stakeholders involved who are pulling invisible strings? 

And what information do they have about you? Do they really know how valuable you are to them? And do they know what it is that you want?

And what do you know about them, and about their interests (not to be confused with their needs)? 


In short: THE salary negotiation as a one-time event, doesn’t often exist. 

Much more likely, it’s a series of conversations, corridor chats, dropped hints and comments at different times and in different situations with potentially different people over the course of weeks and months. 

And these encounters and communications should be executed intentionally, after a thorough assessment of the relevant context. 


So by all means get trained on negotiating. It’s a career and life skill that will help you tremendously navigating many different situations. 

AND… Please don’t underestimate the importance of all the seemingly trivial minutiae that make up the entire process. You would leave a ton of potential value on the table if you only focused on the negotiation conversation itself.

If you want help in handling this from A to Z…uccess – let me know. Here at WIN, we have created a thorough negotiation system, called The WIN Way, that takes into account the entire journey, and will ensure success during your upcoming salary negotiations AND your entire career thereafter. 

Book a call with my team for a free coaching session and let’s see what we can do for you!

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