We Rise By Lifting Others

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We rise by lifting others

Today, I am celebrating many, many WINners and their successes of this past year. Because whilst there has been a global pandemic, with severe adverse effects on the world economy, these WIN women have shown time and time again that indeed, the pandemic is actually an opportunity for improvement. That, precisely because nothing is the same as it was before (including business), new prospects and with that: a new career and life can be created.

This past week alone, the WINners have once again shown what they are made of. As inspiration to you and a purposeful 2021, I am sharing one of these stories with you today. This one has an almost Hallmark-Christmas movie ending to it, so read til the end😊

Picture this: a large conglomerate offers a new role to a marketing professional with 10 years of experience. They do so under the company’s “Return to Work” program, which offers positions to people (and in reality, that’s largely women) who have left the workforce for a number of years, and it includes extra coaching and learning opportunities.

Wonderful, right? Such a laudable effort. Such a win – win for both sides.

Here’s the catch: the salary offered is entry level position…

For someone with goddamn 10 years of experience!

When I learnt of this offer, I was fuming. FUMING. I will spare you the rant (though you can probably imagine it, ha!) and I advised my client on starting the conversation with this company about this practice, and declining the offer if they wouldn’t adjust the salary to one that’s commensurate with the level of experience she brings.

She did, and guess what happened?

They thanked her first for bringing up the issue, discussed internally and got back to her just before Christmas. They upped the offer by 33% AND DID THE SAME FOR ALL OTHERS IN THE PROGRAM!

So proud of my client for knowing her worth and sticking to it. She is going to start her role with a tremendous sense of satisfaction, energy and inspiration. Being valued does that to you!

I am also so proud of her AND the company for changing the program to a much fairer remuneration for the value its participants bring. It’s not just the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do. The women in the program will undoubtedly bring even more energy and motivation to the roles they will fulfil, if they don’t just feel like they were given a chance to step back into the workforce, but they feel seen and valued. (Watch my TEDx talk for more on this.)

We rise by lifting others – we truly do.

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