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YOU are in charge

If you feel that others (your boss or your company or *waves arms* the economy) are in charge of your career, let me tell you something you might not like. 

They are not. 

YOU are in charge of your career. 

YOU are at the steering wheel. 

YOU get to decide in what direction you’re going, how fast you’re going there AND what it is you will do and enjoy along the way. 

This might not be how you feel right now. You might feel a long way off from where you want to and where you deserve to be. 

I know I would make myself a whole lot more popular if I gave you a pat on the back, fed you some ice cream and wiped your tears at the injustice of that. And I will. Because it can sure as heck FEEL like the whole world is against you when you work so damn hard and yet you’re not where you should be, and it might even feel impossible to reach that goal.

Co-workers being promoted when, objectively speaking, YOU deserve it way more. 

Your boss having some BS excuses as to why they can’t increase your salary. 

Feeling stuck because of the mortgage and the school fees and freaking inflation and what’s up with grocery prices right now?!

I hear you and God knows I feel you…

I have been there myself, feeling like the whole world was against me and I would never be able to live the life I wanted. In fact, I couldn’t even imagine having a different, much better career. When I was in the throws of my burnout – having spent five years in a toxic as heck environment and with a young baby, an insane mortgage, an overarching need to prove I could do it all, be it all… It felt like there was no way out. 

And what I realised after some solid therapy and other support, was that none of those hurdles were actually insurmountable. That I had done much more difficult things in my life. 

I bet it’s the same for you. That when push comes to shove, you have overcome much more difficult situations in your life. And even if the career situation you’re in right now is the hardest thing you’ve ever endured… Are you really going to let your awful manager Bob decide how you lead your life?!) 

Babe, you know better than that. 

You ARE better than that. 

If you know you want more out of your life and career than what it currently looks like, have a look and see if my coaching program is for you.

I promise you… Once you realise you’re perfectly capable of steering that car, and you have a map and a clear idea of your destination (all of which I provide)… everything changes. And everything is possible.  


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