Think You’re Successful?

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Everyone loves success, don’t they?

Even the word, ‘success!’ It uplifts us and we feel good when we say, hear or read it. We don’t even have to know what that success IS – we just know that the word is enough. We have success!

We’re a little too drawn in by the word though, aren’t we? I love it myself, and I want success for all the women I coach, but I’m always quick to point out that only they can define what that success is or means to them. Nobody else.

When it comes to the women in my WIN coaching programme, a lot of the success that’s achieved comes down to financials – mainly in the form of salary increases and impressive levels of negotiated pay at the start of epic new jobs. The work I do with these wonderful women is so significant in their financial success that the average they achieve is a 49.1% salary increase after working with me. Their happiness and pride in this is mine to share in, and it’s a measure of success for me, all the way.

BUT, of course, I think it’s important for us to have the grounding to know that this is never the only way to define success in our careers.

In fact, when I ask women before they start in my coaching programme how they define success. To this day, I’ve yet to receive an answer from one of my clients that zones in purely on a financial figure. In fact, all of the women in my coaching programme talk about the bigger picture. They talk about the type and scope of work that they want to immerse themselves in, and they talk about the impact that they want to have and the legacy they want to leave. It’s truly fucking inspiring, it really is.

You see, whilst I want  – and WILL support – you to get the salary that you really bloody deserve, only you can get to decide what success looks like, and what it’s going to mean for you in your life and career. And that’s where my coaching really steps it up a notch, because in order to get that big picture success, you’re going to have to navigate and negotiate to get there.

There are no quick fixes and no quick wins – no matter what the latest guru tells you.

Success is not gained through attraction, manifestation, or the stars aligning. It’s about hard work, deep work, having difficult conversations, and even trickier negotiations. And that’s exactly why I’m here to coach you.

New roles, more impact, different directions… they all start with conversations.

And if you want to do well in navigating and negotiating within them, your first conversation needs to be with me. Book a free call here to chat and see if I can help you.

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