The Worst Interview Advice

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Just saw another Insta video of a headhunter with advice to jobseekers regarding interviews.

The guy claimed he had the definitive list of questions you should apparently ask to the recruiter or hiring manager at the end of the interview.

I see these types of videos all the time (BTW always on Insta, two weeks after the original release on Tiktok, like all Gen Xers, haha). Different questions, different suggestions, but always impressing upon the viewer that they shouldn’t leave the conversation without having asked several questions.

Worst. Advice. Ever.

People, listen to me! For the love of all things holy, please don’t do this!

DON’T be the good girl, answering questions you are being asked throughout the interview, and then, when you get the cue that it’s your go or out of your own volition, turn the table and ask them a few questions.

Instead, make the interview a CONVERSATION. Rather than a one-way street, a conversations requires and enables an exchange, an ebb and flow between the participants. This will lead to much, much better clarity on both sides if you should work together.

It will also change the power dynamics between you and the interviewer. It will go from “Are you good enough for us?” to “Are we good enough for each other? Is this a match?” and I can’t begin to tell you how profound that subtle change is.

So no, don’t ask questions at the end of the interview. Ask questions throughout, like you would in a normal conversation.

And if you ask me “Ok fine, but WHAT do I ask?” let me tell you: focus on the other side. Focus on finding out what they are struggling with. What’s not working for them. What they are hoping to achieve. That way, you can assess if you’re best placed to support them.

If you want to learn in detail how to do this – including in-depth strategies, scripts, delivery techniques, AND how to answer their queries – let me know. I’ve got your back.


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