The Antidote to Fear is Action

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 I welcomed a new client into my Women In Negotiation coaching group recently. She told me she had almost cancelled the call we had scheduled to assess a match for the program, because she was so scared to “actually face my fears”, as she said.

I understand that.

There’s a reason my clients have never (successfully) negotiated their careers and salaries. They haven’t grown up being encouraged to speak up for themselves and they lack the experience. Perhaps they got a “no” on one or more occasions when they did try. 

All of that successfully scared them enough to shy away from these important, career-defining conversations.

So getting on the phone with me, which could potentially lead to having to do exactly what they fear most can be perceived as… well, scary AF.

See, from my side it’s easy. I am very selective in who I invite into my program, and I only do so when I am sure I can get the person on the call the results they are looking for.

So when I invite someone in, I know that success is awaiting them – that wonderful promotion, that exciting new job, that amazing salary that will change the trajectory of their lives. Hundreds of WINners have been there, done that and gotten fabulous looking t-shirts to prove it.

But women who are new to the process… they are simply responding to the inherent uncertainty that comes from stepping outside their comfort zones.

And instead of those understandable scaries stopping them and staying stuck, my clients choose success.

They choose themselves.

They choose control.

The antidote to fear is action.

And that’s exactly what these women are doing: they are taking action by joining my career negotiation program, and facing (and overcoming) their fears. Practicing the proving strategies to negotiate their worth, and doing that until they’re completely comfortable with it, and even get excited about having these conversations.

And then: getting massive success in their careers!

And that starts with taking action.

If you recognise these fears AND you are serious about killing them off once and for all, send me a message. We discuss you situation, to see if I am able to help you achieve the career and salary negotiation success you crave. I will be honest either way.


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