Taking Yourself Seriously

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Oh man, I am frustrated.

I spoke to a lovely lady last night. She shared with me that she has never negotiated her career so far; always accepted the offers made to her without discussion. Although still quite young, she has as a result of that already lost out on tens of thousands or potentially hundreds of thousands of euros (we didn’t do the math – it was a bit too confronting…). She is unhappy where she works now and is aware she only makes about 50% of what her peers make. She was keen to turn this situation around, changing her and her family’s future.

Continuing as is, she realised will make her resentful, and upset with herself, losing motivation to do great work. That way, she will continue the negative spiral she is on, as her managers surely won’t find a reason to promote her like that, or pay her more. In other words, this lovely lady was in dire need of help changing her negotiation skill-set and confidence levels.

And I knew the WIN program will take her out of that negative, downward spiral, and into an upward one, that doesn’t just benefit her (after all, it’s a ton more fun to wake up every day and be motivated and excited to go to work), but also the company she works for. I don’t feel the same way about everyone I speak to. In fact, I only invite a percentage of the women I coach on these free calls into the WIN program. But with her, I was certain. And so I invited her in.

She was very excited about the transformation she would undergo in the WIN program. Massive confidence boost that is sustainable and ripples far beyond negotiating your worth? Check! Ability to communicate your value authentically and confidently? Check! Skillset to confidently negotiate your!? Check! Community of like-minded fellow ass-kicking women who have your back, now and in the future? Check!

And yet, this morning I received an email from her. Instead of enrolling into her dream, she decided instead to attend a half-day event on negotiation. She couldn’t afford the time and attention that the WIN program requires.

And I am very sorry she decided this way. Not because of me, but because I know for a fact that this one-off short thing is a quick fix that acts like a plaster, when I know she needs surgery so to speak. Sure she will get a few tips and tricks that will up her negotiation game, but when you have never stepped up in your life, it will require much more work to get results.

I can’t get every single woman the career and salary they deserve. Importantly, you have to want it yourself, and commit to the work involved, realising there’s no quick fix (If I get one more phone call on a Monday night for a negotiation taking place on Wednesday morning…).

I cannot want it more than you do. But please, for the love of all things holy, #takeyourselfseriously (thanks @Linda Brandt!) and dedicate the time and attention that your life and career demand to making real, lasting change.

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