Take Control Of Your Career in 2024

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If you feel like you’ve been asleep in your career….

If you feel stuck in the role or company or industry that you are in….

If you feel like you are capable of being more, of achieving more, of living more….

If you’re ready for a new start now in 2024…

Please know that it’s perfectly possible to do so, and to change direction.

You are not trapped by forces bigger than you are.

You are not a tree. If you don’t like where you are, you can move.

You have FULL control of your life and career.

I know that is not a popular thing to say. I often hear from women who tell me their spouses / parents / friends / boss tells them “This is it. Just put your head down and do the work. It’s not supposed to be fun.” Perhaps YOU are saying those things to yourself, having internalised that negativity over the years.

And I’m here taking your beautiful face in my hands, looking you directly in the eye and saying “BS. None of that’s true.”

How do I know it’s perfectly possible to change direction, dramatically and
successfully? Because I did it myself. Went from being a lawyer in a large law
firm in the Netherlands, to building an HR practice for a global education
company in Hong Kong. Without getting a new degree and with a 35% salary increase, thank you very much.

And there’s nothing special about me. WINners are showing every single day what’s possible when you commit to change.

The art educator from The Netherlands that moved her family to her dream destination of New Zealand to be a museum director.

The trader who moved from a toxic environment to a more relaxed industry and firm and yet increased her salary and bonus dramatically.

The partner in a fancy schmancy consulting firm who left het firm and set up sales for a startup… and still increased her salary.

The professor who moved universities, for a much higher salary, much more interesting responsibilities and a much more interesting work environment.

And this is just a small number of the 500+ WINners who have all achieved great success through the WIN Way program. Check out some more of their successes in their own words on my website (I’ll link below).

You are the product of the people you surround yourself with, so if you want to change direction in your life, surround yourself with people who are doing exactly that.

Come join our sisterhood and take control of your career, your life, you destiny. Send me a message if you’re keen to hear more what’s available to you.


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