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Stronger Together

I have always said we are stronger together and that the best thing about the Women In Negotiation program, is its community of like-minded women who have your back.

During and after the program, your fellow WINners will cheer you on and keep you accountable. They will also introduce you to their networks, opening doors and sharing opportunities.

It’s an unbelievable support system for any woman in corporate, both for their personal and professional lives.

And this weekend, we gathered 125 of those WINners, hailing from 11 different countries, in Amsterdam, for a full-day celebration and strengthening of our beloved sisterhood.

There was an amazing energy in the room, unlike anything I have felt before – as confirmed by many others present. The amazing women-owned, women-focused venue Equals sure had something to do with it. The fabulous line-up of speakers, each sharing their stories and wisdom, undoubtedly added to the electricity.

Yet, absolutely undeniably, it was the attendants, this group of badass WINners showing up for themselves and the others, that made this day as special as it was.

I’d introduce one lady to another, from a different country, a different industry, having taken the program two years apart, and I was met with a “Oh, I know her already! We go way back. She has helped me prep for my latest salary negotiation!” I’d watch in awe, as I saw women deep in conversation, tears streaming down their faces, sharing their struggles. I saw women of all ages and nations dance together. I witnessed and shared in lots of laughter, inside jokes and hugs.

This, my friends. This is why I run my coaching program as a group program.

Say it with me: there is n o t h I n g more powerful than a group of women supporting one another.

One WINner said it best: “I am talking to my boss tomorrow, and what he doesn’t realise is that it won’t be just me and him in that room. There will be 125 WINners beside me.”

I wish for every woman in this world, to have a sisterhood of fellow badasses who have got their back. I repeat: there is nothing more powerful than that.



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