Here’s To Strong Women

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Here’s to STRONG women

May we recognize that we’re standing on the shoulders of incredibly strong women who have come before us and who fought hard to get us to where we are now.

May we KNOW them

May we all be graced by the support of other women, and in turn support them. There is no stronger force than women coming together and there is nothing we cannot achieve when we work together.

May we RAISE them

May we realise that, despite how far we have come, we’re not yet living in a world that truly lives and breather gender equality. May we therefore pass on the understanding to our sons and daughters that women and men are equal in all respects and that all genders’ unique talents, perspectives and contributions are needed for a better world.

May we BE them

May we recognize our own strength and greatness, so that we can live the lives we’re meant to be living, and share our gifts with the world around us.

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