Stop Playing Small

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Stop playing small

I see you.

I see right through you.


I see you busting your ass at work. You do what is required of you, and more often you do much more than that.

But you’re still playing small. You’re still not living up to your true potential. You’re hiding your epic-ness from your boss, from your co-workers, from the world. You’re showing up at 50%, 70% of what you’re TRULY capable of.


You’re playing small.


But oh, there is so much more to you. So much more. You know it in your heart of hearts. Given half the chance, you’re capable of epic shit. Epic. Shit.

The thing you know you can do, you should do. And the thing that’s keeping you from doing that thing you should do, you need to work through. It’s not easy, and it will be worth it.

Because you at your greatest? OH-LA-LA….

PS If you want help working through the mindset trash that’s keeping you small, PM me – it’s what we specialise in at WIN!

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