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For most job seekers, negotiating the set-up of a position – the title, the level, the responsibilities, salary and other parts of the and package –  seems to be a mere afterthought. They focus on getting the company to make them an offer. They spend little time, if any at all, on preparing for the subsequent negotiation.

And that’s a shame. 

Not just because PEOPLE THAT’S WHERE THE FUN STARTS! Okay, maybe that level of enthusiasm is just reserved for certified negotiation geeks like myself…  

All kidding aside  – if you don’t negotiate a great package and set-up, it spells trouble down the line: 

If you are paid less than you are worth, your motivation will nose-dive.

If you don’t get an appropriate title, every single thing you are trying to get done, will require extra effort on your part.

If you don’t love your responsibilities, you will get so much less satisfaction out of every working day.

If you don’t negotiate for proper resources, you may have to work even harder than you otherwise will.

The list goes on. 

In short: not actively negotiating the job offer will have serious repercussions for you both personally and professionally. 

That is why The WIN Way, my career navigation and negotiation coaching program, starts with the end in mind. Focusing on what would be your ideal outcome, we work back to the here and now to fix a strategy that will ensure those results. 

From the first contact you have with the company you are aiming to work with, you are made to think how you want to show up to the negotiation table. Then you focus on showing up at that negotiation table in the most powerful way. 

With that level of preparation, negotiating a fantastic outcome is virtually guaranteed. And dare I say it, will probably be a lot of fun! 

This is how WINners’ average salary increase now stands at a whopping 49%! 

If you want to know how that is done, drop me a line and we can see if The WIN Way is the right way for you, too!


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