Negotiation is crucial to help women create a career they are passionate about and that allows them to do their best work.

Are the women in your organisation or network engaged, motivated and performing at their absolute best?

I run workshops / trainings for companies and networks that will inspire their women to pro-actively navigate and negotiate their careers. These inspiration sessions include interactive mindset exercises, practical tools and a generous dose of motivation and inspiration.

If you run a business, you might be wondering – Why would you pay me to teach your women to negotiate their careers and salaries?


Here’s the thing… When you have a workforce of women who know how to have effective career conversations, they can ask for what they need to feel valued and push for the roles they are truly passionate about. That way, they will perform at their absolute best for your company.

So do you want passionate, dedicated employees showing up excited and motivated to the office every day? Give them the opportunity to learn how they can make that a reality – and your entire company will benefit.

About Wies

Global Speaker, Coach & Negotiation Expert

Wies gained extensive negotiation experience during her years as a top lawyer and – later – as HR Director for a billion-dollar company.

She has now trained hundreds of women around the world how to have these career defining conversations and get their dream jobs and salaries – with tangible, life-changing results for her clients, changing the bottom-line for the companies they work for in the process.

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Where the magic happens!  The sessions can run from 1-2 hours, and aim to leave the audience motivated and capable to step up, and show up as their best selves!



See the results unfold in your workplace or network with new approaches to career  conversations, and watch what happens as mindsets and self-belief start to change…

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Discover how negotiation skills can benefit your organisation

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