Some Harsh Truths About Your Career

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Some harsh truths about your career:

Being great at what you do is only a hygiene factor in career success (and sometimes not even that).

Not negotiating salary & set-up will hurt your career beyond the financial consequences. 

Your gender, skin colour, sexual orientation & motherhood impact your career. 

Working part-time will almost always affect your career negatively.

Your boss doesn’t care about you. They care about themselves.

HR is not on your side. And neither is that head-hunter. 

Other women can be your worst enemies at work.

And lastly… 

Blaming others for any and all of this will make you feel a little better temporarily, AND change nothing. 

Listen, I am not going to say any of this is fair. In fact, each and every reality listed here hurts me to my core and I have dedicated my life to changing the world of work for women. But before you can change anything, you need to know what you’re up against, hence why I am writing them out. 

If you want to create a different reality for yourself (and in doing so create a different world for ALL women), do consider joining my coaching program The WIN Way that addresses all these issues head-on, but in a way that feels comfortable and authentic.

I have built a robust system that allows you to leverage your great work for YOU, by-passing the hurdles that you will encounter otherwise. All I am asking is that when you are in your unicorn position, you pay it forward and lift your sisters up with you.


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