Snacks, And How Choosing Them Can Help You Succeed In Your Career

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One of the biggest things holding women back in their careers is that they don’t know what exactly they want to achieve. They are not crystal clear on what the goals are that they want to achieve in their careers and lives. And you don’t drift to success. You don’t accidentally end up in exactly the right place for you. You have to know clearly what your destination is, and then take intelligent action towards it.

What is more, when you are not directing your life, you will actually be actively moving away from what’s good for you in a different manner.

To illustrate this, let me share a little story with you that I heard from my friend, a therapist who works with children. When she started working on a regular basis with a new class of school kids, she thought she’d make the next meeting more fun by bringing snacks. As such, she asked each kid what their favourite snack was, and dutifully made a list. Little Johnny likes salt ‘n vinegar, little Bobby prefers ready salted crisps, little Annie wants cheese ‘n onion, etc.

But there were plenty of kids who didn’t pick anything, because they weren’t sure what they liked best or because they were uncomfortable speaking up and telling my friend.

The next session rolled around and my friend handed out everyone’s preferred type of snack.
For the kids who didn’t state their preference, she had brought plain crisps. That was the easiest option that wouldn’t offend anyone, she had figured as she was contemplating the options in the supermarket.

And that, my friends, is how it works in real life.

If you don’t decide what you want, and if you don’t clearly state it, you’re going to end up with what is easiest or best for others. Their agenda will decide where you end up in life.

Looking back at your career to date, perhaps you notice that your previous managers or companies have pushed their agenda more than you have pushed yours. Who was in the driver’s seat of your career? Who decided and who WILL decide where you end up?

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