Episode 18: Worth with Wies Bratby

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Let’s talk salary and career negotiations! Danusia is joined by Wies Bratby, founder of Women in Negotiation and lawyer-turned-HR-director-turned-women’s-butt-kicker. Hear Danusia and Wies discuss all things negotiation and the impact of opportunities that often pass women by,  yet need not.

Wies Bratby is a lawyer-turned-HR-director-turned-women’s-butt-kicker. Originally hailing from the Netherlands, she moved via Hong Kong to Switzerland, Wies helps women across the world own their worth, communicate it and get them the jobs and salaries that they want, need and deserve. In her online group coaching program, women from all over the world and all seniority levels, get mindset breakthroughs and the skill set to successfully negotiate their careers and salaries, and a sisterhood of fellow power women to boot!


  • What sparked her to start a coaching and consulting company teaching women to negotiate their worth
  • The surprising truth on what prevents women from negotiating salary and career
  • Her go-to process when teaching women negotiation skills for at work AND at home
  • Simple reframes for EXACTLY why women have special negotiating talent


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The Five Simple Mindset Shifts Smart Career Women Use To Negotiate New Roles, Promotions & Salary Raises Of - On Average - 93%

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