Salary Increases

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Recently I spent a day calculating what the average salary increase is that my WIN professionals get as a result of the program.

The results were fairly staggering: the average was 49.1%!

And with some other numbers coming in, officially it now stands >50%.

I posted about this on Linkedin and in my Facebook group because:

  1. I am damn proud of my clients and they deserve all the recognition for their awesome results
  2. I want to inspire all women to ask for more. If you’re underpaid, undervalued, unhappy and feel or know that your peers are making more than you for the same or lesser work, I want you to know: you don’t need to accept that reality.

Apparently, not everyone was happy about me posting about this. Via private messages, I got the usual “your clients are extraordinary / their circumstances are extraordinary, this isn’t achievable for everyone” notes.

Before you ask: it’s complete and utter BS: my clients span industries, seniority levels, types of roles, and ethnicity – it works for all, as long as you are committed, resourceful and coachable.

But there was another message that got to me.

It was a woman who questioned the number in itself. According to her, there was “NO WAY” (caps are hers, not mine) that this number was the truth.

Given that Integrity is my number 1 Core Value, this one got to me. I mean, she basically told me I was lying. And I had just spent 7 hours meticulously combing through text messages, emails, FB posts and other communications from the last two years to get all this data.

I included everything I found that I was 100% sure of. So not the bonuses (as they were not guaranteed), nor any of the other perks, no general estimations etc.

I also didn’t include (obviously) any of the other good stuff, such as flexibility, extra holidays, payments towards studies (or entire MBAs paid for, as we have had a couple of times) and anything else that was not strictly financial.

When I got my ego out of the way, I realized her response says a ton more about her than it says about me. She is clearly so broken by the system that her brain does not allow her to dream of a 50% salary increase. This in turn reinforced my belief that sharing these successes is vital in changing the status quo.

So let me gently take your head in my hands, look you straight in the eyes and tell you this:

You can ask for what you deserve. I don’t care if you apply for my program or find the strength and tools somewhere else, but I need you to believe that a different life is possible.

I need you to know that you (yes, YOU) can ask for more; and more importantly: GET IT.

I need you to know that if you got a measly 2, 3 or 5% raise this year despite doing excellent work and exceeding expectations, that you can do better.

And this will serve the companies you work for. Because can you imagine how my clients show up to work post pay-increase?

They. Kick. Ass.

Their level of work far exceeds any cost-increase; the business case for being paid properly is there (my Tedx talk on the subject coming out soon).

But back to the woman who did not believe that my clients’ average salary increase is almost 50%.

I messaged her that I am happy to run her through the numbers. More importantly, I’ve asked her if she is open to some (free! Ha!) coaching around her beliefs about agency, self-worth and money mindset.

Let’s see what she says…

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