Proving Your Promotion Deserves A Salary Increase is BS

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So you’ve recently received, or are about to receive, a promotion. More responsibilities, more work, more skill involved, and of course…more rewards! After all, the salary increase that we expect to accompany a promotion is undeniably a welcome inclusion. But, maybe your conversation went a little more like this…

Your employer: “Congrats on your promotion!”

You: “Thanks so much. I am excited. What about a salary increase aligned with my new responsibilities?”

Your employer: “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s review that in a year’s time when you have proven yourself in the role.”

You: [underearning for another 12 months at least, needing to go above and beyond every day without recognition for your amazing work]

Recognise this?

Recognise the BS?

Needing to “prove yourself first” to receive a fair salary, or a salary increase in keeping with your new responsibilities, is a very consistent pattern in the hundreds of conversations I have had with badass female corporate leaders. And it makes no sense. Because listen up, ladies:


Do you really think they’re going to risk the business by giving you a position they don’t believe you are ready for? Of course they won’t.

Ergo: if you got the promotion, you can do the job. And you deserve to be paid properly for it.

So go and ask for that salary increase, don’t let this drivel of needing to prove yourself first to get paid properly for your new responsibilities hold you back. The truth is that most employers will at least attempt to withhold the salary increase if they think they can get away with it. In fact, 39 percent of employers commonly award promotions without salary increases

If you’re not sure how much of an increase you should be asking for, you can use tools like this salary calculator and check out some of these examples of what my clients have been able to negotiate for themselves. 

If you want help with that (including exact wording to counter this and other objections that are always used against promoting you or paying you properly) send me a message and we can talk to see if my career and salary negotiation coaching program is for you.

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