Rhetorical question

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Can someone please explain something to me? Can someone please clarify why exactly it is that often times when otherwise incredible, badass women, need to interview for a role, are reduced to nervous, quivering messes? How is it possible that these amazing women get stressed out about these processes and conversations? What is it during these job interviews that is so nerve wracking?

I mean… it’s a rhetorical question, I know the answer.

I speak to women every day about their careers and they tell me exactly what they hate so much about the process. It’s the possibility of rejection. The worry that they won’t be able to answer questions. The fear of negotiating their worth.

And can we all agree that none of this makes sense? Can we please collectively concur that it is illogical that the standard recruitment process stops smart, badass women from showing the world that they can do smart, badass things? That the recruitment system shows them at their worst?

What the hell is up with that?!

I am calling BS on playing by other people’s rules just because everyone accepts “that this is just how it is”. As said: it makes no sense and it helps no one.

You lose out because you don’t get to do the things you can and want to do. And the company you’re interviewing with loses out because they don’t get to see and therefore benefit from your magic. So there really is no reason, no reason What. So. Ever, to play small when you should play all out.

My advice?

Take back your power. Engage in these recruitment processes – whether internally or with a new company – in a way that *actually* serves you and the other side: on your terms. Show up to these conversations confident and in charge, showing them who you are, and what a badass you are. Get at least as informed about the role and organisation as they get about you. Then decide if YOU want THEM, just as much as they decide if they like you. 

THAT, my darling, is the true nature of the power dynamic in a recruitment process. It’s a two-way street. Own that, own your part of that process and relationship.

Better yet: drop the standard recruitment process altogether and connect with the right people and in the right way on your own accord. Then, the power shifts from the very start.

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