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Quick career tip… I hate to break it to you

For all you quick endorphin-rush lovers out there…

Your fancy Linkedin profile is NOT going to get you your next position.

And neither will your beautiful CV, regardless of how good it looks.

Please say it with me:

Those documents are only a hygiene factor, they cannot completely suck, but that’s about as far as their value goes in terms of career success.

These dry, bare-bones files can in no way capture your magic.

So haven gotten that bad news out of the way, let’s focus on what does work.

It’s really rather simple, yet requires more effort than a quick overhaul of your Linkedin profile or your CV.

You get your new, exciting position through your NETWORK and your ability to CONNECT with them.

You ascend in your career by matching your experience and expertise with the people and organisations that need that, which only transpires once you have been able to have a meaningful conversation about it.

So, by all means, get your LI profile and CV right.

For the former, I recommend checking in with Stephanie Obry or Virginie Cantin–find them on Linkedin.

For the latter, check Canva for great templates.

And then: invest all your time and energy into connecting with the right stakeholders and have real conversations with them. I can help you in doing that efficiently and effectively.

Reach out if you want to learn how




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