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As someone who’s spent a considerable part of their life learning, I’ll always be a huge advocate for education, training, and development as a means to better yourself in some way.


When corporate women come to me to speak about being coached by me in their careers, they often seem to believe that having a rubber-stamped, water-marked, pretty little piece of paper to say they’ve ‘qualified’ in some area or specialism is the key to success. That getting that qualification is the next step they must take in order to be successful in their career.

They genuinely seem to believe that despite having worked (for example) their whole life in marketing, or having been the highest performing salesperson on their team, or having project managed more people and pitches than they’ve had hot dinners, unless they have a formal qualification, degree, or diploma to ‘prove’ it, they’ll never be able to progress.

I don’t judge these ladies for this thought process, because it’s a common and understandable way of thinking.

It’s a mindset whereby we feel no employer will take us seriously unless we have the paperwork to prove the skills we already possess.

It’s a mindset whereby we feel it’s the only logical step to equip us for moving up that career ladder.

It’s a mindset whereby we feel that if we can get this formal validation, it’ll make everything easier from that point onwards.

They are mindsets I need my ladies to get out of, because progression isn’t in the paperwork – it’s in the practicalities.

Let’s take the Holy Grail of business qualifications that people always seem to want (though it’s not the only one, by any means) – the Master of Business Administration. If you get an MBA, you’re set for life, right? Everyone will give you instantaneous respect, you’ll walk straight into any position or promotion, and you’ll know more than anyone else in the office when it comes to what it means to ‘do business well’.


I’ve got news for you.

Getting an MBA does not automatically land you a great role.

It doesn’t prove your business acumen in any way, and most hiring managers I know are not impressed by you having that little acronym behind your name, it in and of itself.

You do not need a qualification. Or even the network. What you really require in order to move up in your career is the skillset to connect with the right stakeholders, get them interested in talking to you, then – when you are speaking – figuring out what they need and lastly demonstrating why you are the right person to help them.

That last piece is what makes people hire or promote you, not your fancy diploma.

So here’s my advice, saving you a ton of money and effort: rather than spending your money and energy on getting an unnecessary qualification, invest in acquiring the skillset to communicate your capabilities to the right people in the right way.

As you probably guessed: I can help you with that. To make sure we are indeed a match, please give me a ring so we discuss in person if the WIN Way, my coaching program, is the right match for you. Here’s the link to schedule your call.

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