My intensive, online group coaching program helps women everywhere create and win their dream jobs, smash through mindset barriers and learn real-life negotiation skills to get what they want – and what they are worth!

Is it time to take control of your career?

This coaching program is for professional women who are looking at their careers, their incomes and their lives and saying “something’s gotta change!”.  

From leading that prestigious project you have been secretly ready to run for ages but you never asked for, to doubling or tripling your income and going from under-earner to super-earner, to creating that ‘unicorn’ job for yourself that you never quite thought existed – it’s all there waiting for you – once you know how to ask for it!

Negotiation is my super-power and I have helped women across the world break through mindset barriers for good and create lasting career success through my WIN coaching program.

The WIN Coaching program can help you:

Get results - comfortably!

Have negotiation conversations that are comfortable, non-confrontational and still get results.

Find the perfect job

Create or confidently apply for your perfect job.

Create confidence

Feel secure in your true ass-kicking abilities and approach life with confidence.

Increase your salary

Enjoy a salary that reflects your worth and enables you to lead the lifestyle you want.

Love your work

Wake up everyday to a job you LOVE, where you feel valued and motivated.

Join the community

Join a global sisterhood of driven and inspiring women cheering you on.

This program is not for everybody…

My clients vary in their ages, locations, life-stages and professions, but they all have one thing in common… a commitment to making serious, life-altering change – and putting in the work to make it happen!

They do this because creating your dream job and getting paid really well for it doesn’t come easy. It requires hard work and a willingness to step outside your comfort zone.

If you are invited into this program, it is because I am 100% sure you have what it takes and I can help you achieve your dream results.

The first step is for you to watch my free training on the mindset changes you need to get your unicorn job and salary – we’ll take it from there, shall we?

Here is how to get started and see if coaching is the right fit for you…


Free training

Watch my training to get a taster of WIN and learn the 5 Key Mindset Shifts that will help you get the career and salary you dream of.


Book a call

So we can get to know each other and see if there’s a match. I only take on clients I am 100% confident will get the results they are looking for.


Coaching time!

You’ll join your new tribe for 8 weeks of intensive and life-changing negotiation training, so that you can step up and claim your dream job and salary!.

What people are saying…

“I’m ready for the next challenge, working with high caliber people, changing the course of my career. And I will have increased my compensation +100%!”

K.G. – Netherlands

“Thank you Wies and Women In Negotiation. The program has been life changing.”


“I am amazed how many good things have happened in my life since starting the program a few weeks ago!”

A.H. – Germany

The WIN program is so spot on, tailored to what women need, mixing mindset and negotiation, that is the perfect and most effective mix. And Wies runs the program with care, which makes it magical.

V.C.H. – Switzerland

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