Listen in on real life negotiation coaching sessions, where negotiation expert Wies Bratby guides the coachee to succeed at their next salary negotiation. This podcast aspires to close the gender pay gap one episode at a time, by improving your negotiation skills.


The Informal Interview

How do you convince a new employer to hire you in times of COVID? Today’s anonymous participant got fired because of COVID in the first months of the pandemic. She has now found the perfect company that she would like to work for, and she’s coming into the negotiation session wondering how she can make the best possible first impression during an informal coffee conversation she has organized with somebody working at the company. Wies Bratby will coach her to be ready for this meeting, highlighting the best career navigation and negotiation mindset mindset.


The Underearner

Being an underearner can have a huge impact on your career development and your life, we’re talking about hundreds of thousands to even millions of dollars throughout your career. In this episode Wies Bratby shares practical tips on what to think about when negotiating your salary and set-up for a new position. The anonymous participant thinks she has sometimes been too soft in previous salary negotiations, and she is now ready to challenge and ask for her worth. What she doesn’t expect is that Wies will come with a suggestion for a quite bold career move. 

We’ll also hear about why your title is really important for your career development.


A word from the creators of the podcast

In this bonus episode you will hear more directly from the founders, Wies Bratby and Katarina Hagstedt, on the importance of negotiation in the workplace and about the immediate and long term benefits of negotiating your worth. With Winning we want to create a movement that closes the gender pay gap by sharing useful, actionable insights on how to become a better negotiator in your worklife

Wies and Katarina will also share some behind the scenes on how they made this podcast, and explain what listeners can expect from it.

Tinka Media and Women In Negotiation came together to create this podcast, to empower women in improving their negotiation skills their worth once episode at a time.

If you are interested in participating in the podcast, and get free coaching from Wies Bratby you can apply via this link.

Want to participate?

If you are interested in participating in the podcast, and get free coaching from Wies Bratby you can apply below.

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