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Recently I had the absolute pleasure of being interviewed for the Negotiation Podcast DealQuest with Corey Kupfer and it is now available for your ears.

We dussed how my passion for negotiation began as a young lawyer in Amsterdamisc, and how as a woman I learnt the skills to negotiate the hard way in male-dominated situations discussing structurally complex legal deals.  We cover the main issues women face vis-à-vis a man in negotiation settings and what is holding us back from better outcomes.

We discuss why I was driven to starting WIN, and what strategies I teach my clients to negotiate better and achieve amazing outcomes with unshakeable self-belief.

We dive into pitfalls of ego in negotiations whilst still owning the value of yourself, and how as a woman we can self-advocate and negotiate great outcomes for ourselves, even in those pesky male-dominated work environments.

Have a listen and let me know your thoughts – available on all major podcast platforms,

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