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THAT’s the kind of response I want from my clients when they tell me about their negotiation results.

“OMG, I can’t believe I get to do THIS and they’re paying me THIS much for it!”

“OMG, I am SO excited about my new role!”

“OMG, my boss said yes to EVERYTHING I asked for!”

And the reason I want my clients to have that response is not just because I love them and they deserve this; though – obviously – I do feel that way!

There is a much more practical reason for it.

Because with my clients, I see over and over and over again that when they feels this way about their jobs and careers, they brings a whole new level of energy, motivation and inspiration to work.

Which is great for them: who doesn’t want to waking up on Monday morning and think “OMG, I can’t wait to get to work!” (It’s a whole lot more fun than the low-key dread or anxiety a lot of us experience, for sure!)

But here’s what’s so fun about your ability to negotiate for the role and package that absolutely delight you: your company benefits too!

An employee who comes in with that OMG-energy and OMG-mindset is an asset to the company that is many times greater than what they gave her to get to that point.

An employee who is able to do the things she really wants to do and the things she is really good at…

An employee who is truly excited about the work she gets to do…

An employee who is working at the top of her game and leveraging all the skills she has…

THAT employee will bring any company the greatest rewards possible.

And what is really fun about this whole thing is that once you have these career negotiations at this level, you get into this really cool upward cycle. 

Because you’ve learnt to communicate your value, your excellence will be seen by others in the company, and they’ll want you to do the same magic elsewhere.

Which means you get another opportunity to negotiate for an even better position and package, increasing your excitement and inspiration even more, leading to… You get it, right? It’s super fun.

So, truly: when you step into your power and you know how to have these meaningful career discussions and get OMG outcomes, EVERYBODY benefits.

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