Nobody cares about your fancy diplomas

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One of my WINners who got her dream job and salary, posted something in our Facebook group, and I am sharing here because she makes an excellent point:

“When we were discussing joining the WIN program, I still had many doubts. [….] I thought at the time I should invest in some expensive certifications, which I don’t really need but will look good on my CV. And Wies said back then: “It doesn’t matter how many degrees and certifications you have if you don’t believe in your worth.” That stuck with me. And it is true! At that time, I believed I was worth about 35-40% less than what I am going to earn with my future job! And without the extra papers!”

She beautifully illustrates that – contrary to popular belief – investing in yet more certifications and diplomas and whatnot will NOT get you what you that dream job and salary.

Here’s why. People don’t make their decisions on whether or not to hire you based on what paperwork you have. People don’t take decisions based on rationale, but on emotions. Specifically, they will hire you if they believe you can help them solve the problems that they have.

Think about it: would you want the person with the degree from a fancy institute who can only show you that fancy diploma but cannot articulate what they are really going to change for you? Or do you prefer the person who can clarify what you need and then shows you exactly that and how they have solved that issue in the past?

Seriously, take it from the person who hired senior management for a number of years: your (next) employer doesn’t care about your diplomas. They care about having their problems fixed.

As an HR Director working for a billion dollar company, I always picked the candidate who had done the thing we needed them to do, rather than the one who studied the thing we needed them to do.

The earlier you realise this, the better. Focusing on yourself and your papers doesn’t get you hired. Focusing on the other side and their problems and actually fixing them, does.

Darling, I bet you have plenty of diplomas. You know all there is to know in your industry, in your position, for your company or a new one. You don’t need the extra credentials. Knowledge-wise you are perfect as you are.

Don’t hide behind the excuse of needing that extra piece of paper to prove that.

Instead, consider in investing in an actual game changer: the skillset to communicate your skills and experience, and your abilities to solve the problems the company had. I’m here if you want to chat to see if I can help you learn THAT. Book a call with me to see if we’re a fit:

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