Episode 19: Negotiate Your Worth with Wies Bratby

Featured in Net Worth It

All around the world women are missing out on millions of dollars over time that is lost to unsuccessful pay negotiations over the course of their career.  In this episode with Wies Bratby we did into this problem and some strategies to overcome it.

Wies is an attorney and owns Women In Negotiation (WIN), which teaches kick ass professional women, kick ass negotiation skills, so they can have the career and salary they want, need and deserve.

Although she is a lawyer by trade, an EFNJ (if you’re into that kind of thing) personality wise, and though extroverted, She currently lives in Switzerland, she is originally from The Netherlands, married to a Brit and spent a number of years in Hong Kong. More importantly than any of that: she is truly obsessed with negotiation.

She started WIN because she found women across the globe were all struggling with asking for what they want, need and deserve, in their jobs and at home. This must stop, people. It’s 2018 and let’s face it: the gender wage gap is an insult to our intelligence, skills and general epic-ness!


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