Online Group Coaching

The WIN Online Group Coaching is an intensive coaching program that takes you from figuring out what your dream job is to having the meaningful career conversations to create this role AND get you the salary and package that will absolutely delight you.

WINners are consistently getting amazing results: from tripling their salary to co-creating their unicorn jobs to being asked by the CEOs of their company for prestigious projects: it’s all there for them once they know HOW to ask for it.

And learning together with a group of supportive, fellow kick-ass women means not only that your learning is amplified. The group will also cheer you on, hold you accountable and keep you committed.  

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"“Wies’ coaching completely changed my life. I can now confidently call myself a negotiator. And not only does my bank account look very different after negotiation a big raise, my outlook on life has changed. I have taken control of my career and I am so much more confident. I am recommending WIN to all my friends!!”  

-E.s., WINner