Online Group Coaching

Knowing when you can / should negotiate and how to do that well are essential steps on your road to personal and professional success. So I love teaching you that! 

But here's the catch with gaining this new knowledge: knowing and doing are two different things. We often fail to execute on the things we learn because trying new things can be scary, and changing habits is difficult.

That's why in this program, together with other women, you will learn both negotiation theory and strategies, AND you will execute on them. Through negotiation challenges and homework, starting super easy (but powerfully!) you gain more negotiation experience each week. 

In this course we focus on that most dreaded negotiation of all: the salary negotiation... Fear not, however, if you have no such negotiation coming up: being ready to kick ass at salary negotiations means all other type of negotiation will be easy-peasy! 

Learning together with a group of supportive women means not only that your learning is amplified. The group will also cheer you on, hold you accountable and keep you committed.  

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"Using Wies' strategies paid off quickly: during the last negotiation with my boss, I managed to increase my salary by 11%, where before they were unwilling to go beyond the standard annual 2% increase!" 

- Christine, WOMEN IN NEGOTIATION PArticipant