Negotiation skills improved my career… and my relationship!

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A different kind of celebration today! Not a salary jump or a new role, but great success regardless.

I received this email today from an old Women In Negotiation client:

“I had a big celebration dinner with my husband today, now that it’s possible again. We celebrated surviving the last 12 months, and the last three in particular. We homeschooled the kids, both worked from home and did fantastically well, all things considered.

We concluded that this success is in large part thanks to you, Wies.

#1. Because I managed to negotiate a good set-up with work, clearly defining my boundaries, making sure I wouldn’t get burnt-out. Hubs did the same. And that’s related to reason

#2: our relationship has been steadfast because of the communication / negotiation skills I learnt in the program. You always say that a great career starts with having the conversation at the kitchen table and that really proved to be true for us!

So thank you, from him and me, for helping us improve our relationship!”

Ah, man… I love my work!

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