Negotiate Your Worth As A Woman

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Are you with the 93% of women who don’t do this?

A seminal study by Linda Babcock, author of Women Don’t Ask and former Acting Dean at Carnegie Mellon University’s Business School, looked at women’s propensity to negotiate their salaries. She asked the Carnegie Mellon MBA graduates if they had negotiated their job offer out of b-school or if they had simply accepted the first offer they had received.

The results were pretty astonishing: only SEVEN PERCENT of the female graduates had negotiated the initial offer, versus 57% of the male students.

I’ll give you a moment to let that sink in. Less than one in ten of these seriously smart, presumably confident women with a great track record, felt they could negotiate their job offer.

Only. Seven. Percent. Negotiated.

Now let’s discuss the other side of the new job-equation here: the hiring managers.

Guess what?

84% of them, according to recent research by, EXPECT the first offer to be negotiated.

What. The. Heck. People.

If you’re NOT negotiating, you’re leaving money on the table. Lots of money. In videos and posts on my social media channels, I have calculated that failing to negotiate your salary will cost you between hundreds of thousands and millions of euros or dollars over the course of your career.

Plus, when you don’t negotiate for yourself, you’re also losing out on respect, career opportunities, better health, more fun and sex (yes), by the way. But that’s for another time.

Do yourself (or if that is tricky for you: your family, or your future retired self) a favour and negotiate your worth.

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