My Entire Career Strategy In Two Words

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This one’s for my jobseeker friends, who are either unhappily employed right now or in between roles. 

If the thought of sending your CV and cover letter to yet another “black hole of nothingness” (as I like to call the online application systems) sends shivers down your spine…

If the idea of sitting in front of one or more corporate peeps, who are asking you inane questions such as “Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?” or “What are your worst traits” makes you vom in your mouth a little…

If feeling super small despite having a pedigree background and impeccable track record, just because the other person has something that you want and they may or may not give it to you, is not your idea of fun…

First of all: welcome to the club! You’re not the only one despising this process. 

And secondly: the fact that you’re not loving this and probably unsuccessful in it – that’s not on you. The system is set up to fail you. 

How do I know? Well, look at yourself, you gorgeous, ambitious smartie pants, you! How come the world isn’t falling over backwards to hire you? It makes no sense.

I’m serious. It makes zero sense.

AND… yeah, the unfairness and stupidity of that system still needs to be overcome. We still need a solution to bridge the gap between where you are standing right now: amazing, capable, SANS JOB, and where you want to get to: UBERCORN LEVEL ROLE, please and thank you.

So here’s my deal. 

What if we could do away with all of that unhappiness, and instead choose a much more comfortable, much more enjoyable path?

What if you could have really interesting conversations (versus, you know, those dreaded interviews) with interesting people (that you hand-picked yourself, based on your own wishes for your future) about interesting things (the kind of challenges you love help fixing)? 

Sounds good, eh? More enjoyable, overall easier? 

And here’s the best part: this is actually what gets your dream jobs…

You don’t get those by fighting off four million other applicants in a stupid comparison game. You don’t get dream roles by giving the best answers during round after round after round after round of one-way street interviews.

Want to know how you get them…?


Ha, I am not kidding.

Feed people. FEED PEOPLE.

That’s it.

Take them out for lunch. Take them out for dinner, for drinks, or even just a coffee. 

And then speak with them. Get wildly curious about them and what they do and see if you can help them. If the answer is yes: fabulous – discuss what that collaboration may look like. If the answer is no: equally fab, potentially you can work together in the future but for now you’ve made a new friend.

You win either way. And at a minimum you had lunch, ha!

I developed an entire communication framework that runs you from how to identify the right people to speak with for your next career step, to the best ways to get them very keen to speak with you (and again: that’s very much not through applying for their goddamn jobs), and then what you should say in those conversations to get the results you want. Including scripts. I am big on providing actual language that WORKS. Every time. 

If you’re keen to step up in your career and get an ubercorn role, and do so in a way that is comfortable, enjoyable, heck: FUN – [message me here] and we can discuss if you’re the right fit for my program. 

In this program, called The WIN Way, I teach the entire process from start to finish, plus the entire communication strategy to also negotiate a set up and salary that makes you very happy. The average salary increases my clients get is 49.1%, just saying.


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