More than three-and-a-half-million euros

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We just did the math together and my WINner will earn EUR 3,610,080 more over the course of her career due to her recently negotiated salary increase.

This is even if she stays at the exact same number going forward. This is of course highly unlikely, given that it doesn’t take into account inflation adjustments, nor – more importantly – the phenomenal upward career trajectory she has been on since joining WIN about 6 months ago…

She and I spent some time thinking about what she could do with all that extra cash. On a month-to-month basis, it will make an incredible difference for her and her family. She wasn’t in any way living pay check-to-pay check, but this substantial increase will give her much-needed peace of mind. 

It will allow her to invest in an MBA, something she has dreamt about since she was a teenager growing up in her Eastern European home country. 

It enables her to support her baby sister back home, who is still at school. 

It enables her to put more money into the investment fund for women entrepreneurs in Africa. 

And perhaps surprisingly, in light of that enormous amount, she concluded that the real win from this recent career and salary negotiation process was that, for the first time in her career spanning two decades, she felt like she was in charge. 

She realised the value of her work. She realised how much power she had in the process. And she knew SHE would find a kickass role elsewhere like that (*snaps fingers*) if they weren’t going to meet her increase request.

And THAT, my friends, is what WINning at work is all about. 

Confidently navigating the office politics and process.

Powerfully communicating your value.

Detaching from the outcome because you know you will be fiiiiiine, regardless of the decision.

Masterfully negotiating your salary and set-up.

If you want to work out what a salary increase would mean for your future earnings, have a look on my website’s salary calculator. And if you subsequently want my help in getting you that increase, let me know – I’m here to support you. 


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